Ideas for Entertaining During Football Season

It’s officially the first day of football season! Before your crew arrives for the big game, take a look at these ideas for entertaining during football season and throwing a game-day party that really scores.

Set the Table
The second-best thing about football season (behind the actual sport) is the food. Side dishes like bacon-crusted mozzarella sticks, egg salad, and jalapeno poppers are always a favorite; for the main dish, hot dogs or slow-cooker enchiladas are both inexpensive and easy to make.

Create a football-themed tablescape by incorporating your team’s colors, and decorate a bright green plastic tablecloth with pretend “plays” scrawled out in permanent marker for an even more festive touch. Throw some “penalty flag” red and yellow napkins on the table, and tape strips of white to clear plastic cups so that they’ll look like little footballs when filled with soda.  

Fire Up the TV
If you haven’t watched a football game on a smart TV, you very well could be missing out. The LG 43″ 4K UHD Smart LED TV has a 120Hz refresh rate that captures every second of game play with intense clarity and detail, while smart TV models from Sony and LG come with their own offerings that also allow for an optimized viewing experience. Visit your local Rent-A-Center store to find out which TV is best for you and your team.

Get Comfy Before Kickoff
With an array of recliners, sofas, and sectional seating paired with a large TV, your crew might just forget that they’re not actually watching the game from a luxury skybox at the stadium. Make sure everyone’s decked out in your team colors, and bust out all of the foam fingers and game day accessories that you can find. If you need extra seating to accommodate a big crowd of excited fans, score some new living room furniture.