14 Ways to Dress a Hot Dog

Move over, ketchup and mustard! We’re putting a new twist on a backyard barbecue favorite with 14 delicious ideas for hot dog toppings that just might be the best things to ever hit a bun.

Nacho Dog
Combine two ballpark classics into one. Ingredients: Hot dog + bun + nacho cheese + olives + jalapeños + onions + tortilla chips

Veggie Guac Dog
A backyard take on the popular avocado toast dish. Ingredients: Toasted bun + mashed avocado + tomatoes + salt + pepper

Chili Cheese Dog
Don’t forget about this classic and indulgent dog. Ingredients: Hot dog + bun + chili + cheddar cheese + chopped onions + sour cream

Salty Dog
Overloading with pickles will give you a dog that’s truly something to relish. Ingredients: Hot dog + bun + pickles (speared or sliced) + mustard + crumbled bacon

Spicy Slaw Dog
Putting a ballpark spin on classic Southern coleslaw. Ingredients: Hot dog + bun + coleslaw + hot sauce + Dijon mustard + Cajun seasoning

Italian Veggie Dog
Replacing the faux meat with veggies makes this dog a true veggie dog. Ingredients: Bun + zucchini + marinara + mozzarella cheese

Southwestern Dog
Bring a Southwest vibe to your backyard barbecue with this dog. Ingredients: Hot dog + bun + black beans + corn + jalapeños + Jack cheese

Bratwurst Dog
Just add sauerkraut and mustard to turn your dog into a popular German staple. Ingredients: Chicken bratwurst + bun + sauerkraut + mustard + pepper

Hummus Dog
Add a Middle Eastern twist with hummus and roasted red peppers. Ingredients: Hot dog + bun + hummus + roasted red peppers + paprika

The only thing better than a BLT? A BLT hot dog. Ingredients: Hot dog + bun + bacon + lettuce + chopped tomatoes + ketchup

Bacon BBQ Dog
Wrapping your hot dog in bacon is always a good idea. Ingredients: Hot dog + bun + bacon + barbecue sauce + cheddar cheese + crumbled bacon

Buffalo Dog
Two game-time favorites — hot dogs and Buffalo wings – collide in this dog. Ingredients: Hot dog + bun + celery + blue cheese + mayo + hot sauce

Reuben Dog
Top your dogs with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and Thousand Island dressing for a creative take on the Reuben sandwich. Ingredients: Hot dog + bun + sauerkraut + Swiss cheese + Thousand Island dressing

Dessert Dog
Replacing a hot dog bun with a chocolate doughnut will lead to endless dessert possibilities. Ingredients: Chocolate iced donut bun + churro + ice cream + chocolate sauce