Poll: Which Current Home Décor Trend Are You Most Likely to Try?


Have grand home goals this year? If you’re like us, you’re already dreaming about the home décor ideas you want to try in 2017. We understand. It’s the little touches that add style and interest to a room. That’s why we ask:

Which current home décor trend are you most likely to try?

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5 Tips for Choosing Colors That Create Mood

catalog with paint color samples and brush

Before painting the living room, kitchen, entry or any other room in your home, the first consideration should be how you want to feel in the space. Although the colors you choose are a direct reflection of your personality, they are also a trigger for moods and feelings. We’ve provided several tips on how to find inspiration for a color palette that fits how you want your home to feel.

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Get Peace of Mind with Payment Freeze Assurance

Payment Freeze Assurance

Life happens. Sometimes you have an unexpected expense or find you need to conserve funds for a while. When situations like this pop up, Rent-A-Center has your back. With Payment Freeze Assurance, you can pause your payments if and when you need to. Try that with a credit card company!

How It Works

Payment Freeze Assurance is a part of RAC’s Worry-Free Guarantee, our promise to do whatever we can to ensure you have the products you need without layaway or expensive interest. Payment Freeze Assurance guarantees that you can stop your payments at any time during your lease agreement. Simply return the item and pause your payments – then when you’re ready, you can either get it back or purchase a comparable item. As for the money you’ve already paid toward the item, it stays put. Those funds will still apply to the purchase price, even if you choose to upgrade to a newer or different item. At RAC, you’re never locked into a long-term commitment, and you never accrue debt because you can stop paying at any time.

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Rent-A-Center Gives Back

Rent-A-Center Employees Donate Toys to Give-A-Gift

The Children’s Advocacy Center of Collin County in Texas is on a mission to provide safety, healing and justice for children across the community who are victimized by abuse or neglect. They work in collaboration with law enforcement and Child Protective Services to help more 3,300 children and their families each year, free of charge.

During the holidays, the Children’s Advocacy Center works with the community to provide hundreds of holiday gifts to these abused and neglected children. Through our Give-A-Gift campaign, Rent-A-Center coworkers were able to spread some of our holiday cheer by donating over $1,000 in cash and piling hundreds more presents under our tree. We’re honored to be able to partner with CACCC and bring holiday happiness to children and families across our community.

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Poll: What Is Your Favorite Classic Holiday Song?

christmas music

It doesn’t feel like the holiday season until you can tune in to hear holiday classics on the radio, gather around a warm fire for a singalong, or go caroling with your family and friends. What is your favorite classic holiday song?

What Is Your Favorite Classic Holiday Song?

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How to Get Scratches Out of Wood Furniture

old wood texture closeup

Wood furniture, cabinetry and flooring are attractive and can be very durable, but are also susceptible to scratches and dents. Minor scuffs and dings can often be fixed fairly easily without hiring professional help. Below are 5 easy, noninvasive ways to cover up and minimize marks and imperfections and bring new luster back to wood items.*

*Rent-A-Center customers should pay careful mind to the fact that Rent-A-Center refurbishes products itself and doesn’t encourage customers to modify the products they rent. The tips below are considered noninvasive techniques to enhancing wood furniture that isn’t necessarily rented from Rent-A-Center.

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