Why Does My TV Turn Off By Itself?

Woman turning on TVYou’ve been waiting all week for a new episode of your favorite TV show to come out. All week! You plop down on the couch and start it, only to be rudely interrupted by a TV that keeps turning off by itself. Is someone playing tricks on you, or is your TV broken? Learn how to troubleshoot a TV that keeps turning off, and find out if it’s time to get a new TV.Read Story

Football Party Food for Big Fans on Small Budgets

Friends watching a football gameIf you’re hosting a football party at home this season, you probably have a lot on your to-do list: disposable plates, jumbo ice bags, adult beverages, picky-eater drinks, and, “Are there enough seats for everyone?” But perhaps the most important item on your list is FOOD! After all, you’re feeding a big crowd (with linebacker appetites) on a small budget! Don’t lose possession of your good vibes. From kickoff appetizers to overtime desserts, these football party food ideas will fuel your team.Read Story