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5 Spring Lawn Care Tips

5 Spring Lawn Care Tips

Want a perfectly lush front yard? It’s not that hard. Follow these five spring lawn care tips and the whole neighborhood will be green with envy.

Water Well
Sunlight, water, and nutrients are key to a flourishing lawn. The trick is knowing how much to water and when. Experts recommend watering early in the morning, before 10 a.m. When the temperature rises during the day, water evaporates and less reaches the grass.

Mowing Musts
The Lawn Institute is a great resource for anyone looking for lawn care help. According to the site, it’s best to mow your lawn early morning or early evening, so heat doesn’t shock the grass. The Institute also recommends mowing when the grass is dry.

Feed the Lawn
Lawns need to be fertilized each season. If you live in the South, experts at DIY Network recommend fertilizing in late spring, with a second application in late summer. For cooler areas, experts say to fertilize in the fall. The size of your lawn dictates the type of fertilizer spreader to use. For larger lawns, use a broadcast/rotary spreader. Smaller lawns can use a drop spreader. For thin strips of grass and compact spaces, use a handheld spreader. Be sure to water your lawn after you fertilize to help the nutrients soak into the grass and soil.

Breath of Fresh Air
Lawn aeration is the process of poking holes into the soil so that air and water can get into the root system. Aeration is important because some areas of a lawn don’t get the water and nutrients they need, which means grass can’t thrive. Before you aerate, water the lawn, and use the proper tool (for example, the strap-on spiked soles in the photo above) for the size of your lawn. Aeration works best when done in the spring or early fall.

Wipe Out Weeds
Even the most perfect lawn is susceptible to weeds. Regular down-on-your-knees weeding helps mitigate the problem to a degree, but inevitably, some of the more stubborn weeds will pop right back up. Stay away from herbicides to avoid inviting unwanted chemicals into your environment. Instead, try using natural homemade weed killers.

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