Reasons to Love the Ackerly Sofa and Loveseat from Ashley Furniture

The living room is a place for gathering. From movie nights with big bowls of popcorn to lazy days with books and a blanket, your living room should reflect the way you live.

It should be comfortable, durable, and stylish, too. And if you’re looking for a way to achieve all of these aesthetics, turn to Signature Design by Ashley Ackerly sofa and loveseat. Here are a few reasons why we love it.

1. It’s soft, comfy, and totally lounge-worthy. The Ackerly sofa and loveseat feature soft upholstery and thick, padded arms that are complemented by plush, tufted cushions. It brings luxury to every lounge session, and makes every afternoon nap even more rejuvenating! Not to mention, your guests will always have a comfy place to sit.

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2. Its durable construction makes it family-proof.
From brotherly wrestling matches to everyday wear and tear, the Ackerly sofa and loveseat can handle whatever your family throws at it. It was designed to be durable, and features a strong frame and sturdy cushions, which makes it a living room set you can truly get comfortable with.

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3. With stylish design, it’s an instant living room enhancement.
Stitched details, tufted cushions, and rich upholstery put this living room set in a league of its own. The casual, contemporary look fits with almost any décor, making it an easy addition to your living room. Because what’s more relaxing than a perfectly styled space?