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8 Totally Free Ideas to Improve Your Space

8 Totally Free Ideas to Improve Your Space

With the busy routine of day-to-day life, our home spaces can sometimes become stale and boring. When you get the urge to splurge on new décor and furniture to change things up, consider these 8 totally free ways to freshen up and re-energize your interiors without dipping into your wallet.

1. Do a deep clean.
A deep cleaning of your space can be very refreshing. Remove clutter from surfaces like counters, tables, and desks, and clear items that might collect on floors, corners, and in other nooks and crannies.

Follow up with a good dusting and vacuuming. A clean and orderly space will serve as a good inspiration and starting point for the rest of the ideas that follow.

2. Purge the clutter.
We can get in the habit of collecting knickknacks on tables and shelves, which can make any space feel cluttered. Thin out your collection to include items that mean the most to you or complement the style of your space the most.

You can even reevaluate certain pieces of furniture that might feel too big or bulky. And if you list your items on a resale site, there’s the added bonus of potentially making some cash!

3. Reorganize bookshelves.
Clear out unwanted books from shelves, or rearrange them in size or color order to be more visually appealing. You can stack books vertically for a different look, or add decorative items to add interest.

If the bookshelf itself needs a makeover, try wallpapering it with a leftover wallpaper scrap.

4. Rearrange the furniture.
Give any room an entirely different look and feel by moving the furniture around. Placing sofas and chairs away from the walls can actually create a feeling of more space, while also making seating areas cozy and more conducive to conversation.

If you have area rugs, change the placement or location. Think even further outside the box by moving certain pieces of furniture to a different room.

5. Swap out artwork.
Moving art pieces to different walls or even different rooms can create a whole new vibe for a space. Create new groupings or collages of photos or artwork to make a focal point in a room.

6. Clean the lampshades.
Giving lampshades a good dusting or vacuuming can drastically — and surprisingly — improve the light quality in a room. Also consider swapping lamps or lampshades from different rooms to bring a refreshed look to your space.

7. Let the sun shine in.
Cleaning your windows both inside and out will clear away dust and grime, allowing more natural light to shine through. Nice, clean windows will brighten up any room. Though it seems like an easy fix, it can be a game changer.

8. Relocate plants.
Consider swapping the locations of house plants in your living space. If you have a tall plant, give it a new home behind a chair or next to a small table as a lively accent.

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