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Get the Look: A Feng Shui Bedroom

Get the Look: A Feng Shui Bedroom


Aside from the kitchen, the bedroom is arguably the most important room in the home, and a well-designed bedroom allows for both romance and rest. The ancient Chinese discipline of feng shui (pronounced “fung shway”) suggests that the way furnishings are arranged within a space directly affects the energy of the room. Equally important are how furnishings relate to one another. Try these simple ideas for a feng shui bedroom.

Interior View Of Beautiful Luxury Bedroom

Clean Out the Clutter
A rejuvenating bedroom is free of clutter. Piles of clothes, miscellany, and an unmade bed do little to foster relaxation. Feng shui believes clutter symbolizes unfinished business. So to feng shui your bedroom, clear everything out that hasn’t been used or touched in a while. Store only what’s necessary in bins or drawers (not under the bed!).

Master Bedroom in Luxury Home

Lighten Up
To create a tranquil and serene setting in every bedroom, layer several sources of light. From the natural light that filters in from a window to the glow of candles or the soft light emitted from a bedside lamp, light determines the energy in the space. Though natural light is essential to starting your day with positivity, the room should be as dark as possible at night to promote healthy sleep.

modern morrocan bedroom interior design, 3d render

Be Creative With Color
Nothing changes a room more than a coat of paint, and you can create a harmonious bedroom with welcoming and calming colors. The best feng shui colors for the bedroom are earthy, flesh-tone hues, from pale white and terra cotta to rich, chocolate brown. If those shades aren’t your thing, alter your space by bringing in neutral bedding with pops of color.

modern bedroom interior, 3d render

Position the Bed
A feng shui bedroom promotes the constant flow of energy, and bed positioning is paramount. Place your bed away from the door, and avoid having it directly in line with the door. The placement of the bed should allow sight of the main entrance and be on a windowless wall. Sound impossible for your room? A sturdy headboard will bring additional strength to your room. Keep your bed accessible from both sides, and add two bedside tables for balance.

Handsome young man in bed

Build Your Cocoon
Everyone knows that stress takes a toll on energy levels. Make your bedroom a tranquil place that fosters contemplation, intimacy, and good sleep. Consider making the bedroom and electronics-free zone, as those items can bring the energy of work and stress into a tranquil space. And adding a few candles or an oil diffuser will allow you to see your bedroom as a place where you can peacefully shed the stressors of the day.

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