Bedroom Paint Ideas for Tranquil Spaces

Purple Bedroom with contemporary bedroom

Your bedroom should be a relaxing sanctuary, a place to escape from the stress of the world. The trick is to create an atmosphere that produces feelings of calm and solace. One of the more impactful—and easier—ways to do this is with the right paint color. The following tips will help you choose the perfect hue for you.

Modern bedroom with blue wall

Think About Temperature

Not the actual temperature of the room, but rather the difference between warm colors (like purple, yellow, and orange) and cool colors (like blue, green, and gray). In general, warm colors are stimulating, while cool colors are relaxing.


Bedroom with a gray wall

Keep It Calm

Neutrals such as white, gray, taupe, silver, gold, and charcoal provide a sophisticated backdrop on which you can build interest with layers of texture. Consider chunky knits, sleek suede, leather, faux fur, sea grass, bamboo, and more. Bold colors, busy prints, and geometric patterns often work better in kids’ rooms.


Luxury bedroom with burgundy paint

Consider the Classics

A bedroom in a shade of red is often considered romantic, but you don’t have to go for something that reminds you of a fire engine; burgundy is sultry and sophisticated. For just a hint of passion or drama, use a warm color in an understated tone, such as dusty pink.


modern bedroom with wild colors

Just Do What You Like

Above all, your bedroom is a very personal space, and it should be a reflection of your style. If crazy patterns and wild colors make your heart sing, go for it. There’s a lot to be said for falling asleep and waking up in a place that you love.