Home Organization

5 Tips for Organizing Your Digital Photos

Girls in front of laptop looking at digital camera photos

Our smartphones make it a cinch to capture every moment, from fancy entrées to goofy candids and enough selfies to fill the cloud. It’s estimated that 1.2 trillion photos will be taken in 2017, which begs the question: How will we ever organize them all?

Photo management has become such a conundrum in our modern lives that you can actually hire a personal photo organizer to tackle the task for a fee. But thanks to our handy guide, you can save yourself the money — and perhaps use it to buy some actual prints of all those digital photos.

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10 Essential Tools Every Homeowner Needs

With the right tools, household chores like leaky faucets, crooked pictures, squeaky doors, and dead batteries can go from never-gonna-happen to already-done in minutes. The following 10 tools can help you accomplish myriad projects. And buying them over time, rather than all at once, reduces the impact on your budget. Remember: The quality tools you invest in today will last for years to come.

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Big Ideas for Small-Space Living

rendering of a modern living room with open kitchen

Though there are people who live in houses upward of 50,000 square feet, and though the tiny-house movement — choosing to live in a space between 100 and 400 square feet — is a thing, chances are your home lies somewhere in the middle. If it’s on the smaller side of the spectrum, you no doubt want to make the most of it. Here are six tips for small space living that can help you do just that.

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