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7 Cool Ways To Use a Mini Fridge!

7 Cool Ways To Use a Mini Fridge!

Mini refrigerators, or mini-fridges, are best known as a dorm room staple. But have you ever considered that these versatile appliances could be used for other things, too? From drink fridges to skincare storage, there’s so much you can do with these pint-sized options to make life more comfy and convenient.

Here are seven awesome uses for a mini-fridge you may want to try.

Mini-Fridge Stock Ideas

1. Make your mini-fridge an office fridge.

If you spend most of your time sitting at a computer desk, whether at home or in the office, making your mini-fridge a permanent addition to your workspace may be the way to go. Store all your workplace essentials like water bottles, energy drinks, pre-prepped lunches, and creamer so you can grab them in a pinch throughout the work day.

Pro tip: Stock your workplace mini-fridge with healthier food and drink options to help prevent unhealthy snacking throughout the day.

2. Store your fresh produce and eggs.

Are you an avid gardener? Or maybe you enjoy growing your own indoor fruits and veggies. Perhaps, you even have a few backyard chickens and need somewhere to store all of those fresh eggs. When it comes time to store your harvest, store-bought or not, these items can leave your regular fridge jam-packed with extra ingredients.

When thinking of potential things to put in a mini-fridge, start with your fresh produce. Doing so will also make keeping track of expiration periods easier since throwing these items into your main fridge can cause them to get lost in all the clutter.

3. Make your mini-fridge allergen safe.

Keeping track of food allergies in your household or shared dorm can be a challenge, and you want to prevent any potential incidents. To help minimize the possibility of allergic reactions in your home, office, or dorm, keep allergen-free food separate by storing them in a mini-fridge. This way, you avoid any potential cross-contamination as well as any life-threatening mishaps.

4. Keep your adult beverages cool.

Do you frequently throw events at home? Or maybe, you just want to ensure that the kiddos don’t have access to your special refreshments. Make your mini-fridge the go-to for all things adult beverage by turning it into a beer fridge, or even a mini wine fridge. This way, your refreshments will stay cool, your little ones won’t have access to things they shouldn’t, and you won’t have any potential party guests rummaging through your main fridge to find what they need while visiting.

Pro tip: Another fun use for your mini-fridge is making it into a bar fridge. Store all of your supplemental drink-making ingredients like mixers, garlands, and more for easy access.

5. Turn your mini-fridge mobile.

Wish you could lug your full-sized fridge around while camping, tailgating, or doing on-site construction work? Well… maybe not. But mini-refrigerators are mobile, which means you could stock them up with your choice of snacks and beverages whenever you’re away from home — or when the kitchen is just a few too many steps away.

Plus, they can be plugged up almost anywhere as long as an outlet is accessible. Stash it in your workshop, outdoor kitchen, or even by the pool on a warm, sunny day.

6. Store extra food and beverages.

Is your full-sized fridge filled to the brim with meats, produce, snacks, and beverages? Perhaps, you’re looking to make extra room for holiday meals? Make extra space by storing any excess food items in a mini-fridge. Things like butter, milk, and condiments will allow for additional storage space in your refrigerator.

7. Transform your mini-fridge into a beauty or skincare fridge.

Want to help extend the shelf life of your skincare products? By storing certain beauty items in a mini-fridge, especially those with less stable ingredients like vitamin C and retinol, you may be able to keep them potent for longer.

Certain cosmetics (i.e., sheet masks, eye creams, and gel packs) can also feel more refreshing, help boost circulation, and reduce puffiness and inflammation when stored below room temperature. Plus, seeing all your skincare items organized in one place is a satisfying overall experience.

Rent-to-Own Mini Fridges at Rent-A-Center

Now that you’ve come up with the perfect use for your mini-fridge, it’s time to find an affordable option that meets your needs. Shop mini-fridges of all colors and designs at your nearest Rent-A-Center or online, and you could have your new bar fridge or skin-care mini-fridge delivered as soon as today!

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