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How to Organize a Small Bedroom for Cheap

How to Organize a Small Bedroom for Cheap

Woman smoothing out a made bedYou’re dying to have a bedroom that feels cozy and comfortable, but you seem to be stuck in the world of cramped and cluttered instead. Small bedrooms can be challenging, but we’re here to help you maximize space with a few small bedroom ideas to try. From how to arrange a small bedroom to the best budget-friendly under-bed storage options, read on for our best tips to organize your small bedroom without breaking the bank.

1. Consider how to arrange a small bedroom for flow and function.

Your bed has been in the same spot since you moved into your place, but is that the best arrangement for your small bedroom? Change it up! You might be surprised at how much better your small bedroom could flow with a new layout (bonus: rearranging doesn’t cost a cent!). One way to instantly maximize space in small bedrooms? Get rid of one or both nightstands! Find a low-profile queen storage bed with built-in shelving to save space and open up endless bedroom furniture arrangement options.

2. Upgrade your bed.

Got rid of a nightstand, but still feeling cramped? Sometimes, a traditional multi-piece bedroom set is too much for a small bedroom. With a new farmhouse-style storage bed, you get the function of a dresser and a bed—in one piece of furniture. And hey, a new bed wouldn’t be the same without a new mattress, right? Add a convenient, affordable bed-in-a-box to boost your storage space AND your sleep quality. You deserve it!Farmhouse-style Cambeck bed

3. Use multifunctional furniture.

Under-bed storage is an excellent example of using multipurpose items in your space, but it doesn’t have to end there! Look for accent pieces that can add additional storage, such as a small bench with a hinged lid (perfect for under a window!). If you want to save even more space, opt for hanging light fixtures such as pendants and sconces instead of desk lamps or standing lamps. Or take your lighting game up another notch by visiting your local Rent-A-Center and inquiring about our beds with built-in LED lights, like the Baystorm Platform bed.

Darbry storage bed

4. Don’t forget about the walls!

While we’re on the theme of multifunctional items, wall-mounted shelves and storage solutions are a fantastic way to maximize space in a small bedroom. Simple wall hooks can create a place to store coats, accessories, or even shoes without taking up any of your precious floor space.

Are you handy? Build yourself some floating shelves for cheap with a few pieces of wood, inexpensive shelf brackets, and the help of a rent-to-own tool kit (hello, modern industrial aesthetic!). Add decorative baskets to store socks, jewelry, and other small items. Fill in empty shelf space with fun trinkets like a DIY terrarium, cherished artwork, or books to keep your small bedroom storage-savvy and stylish.

Bring Your Small Bedroom Ideas to Life with Rent-A-Center

Now that you have some new small bedroom ideas, do you have what you need to make them happen? If not, Rent-A-Center can help get you what you need to maximize your small space. From storage beds to memory foam mattresses, our affordable payments and no-credit-check leases make it easy to create the bedroom of your dreams. Shop online or head to your nearest Rent-A-Center location today!

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