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How to Make an Easy DIY Terrarium

How to Make an Easy DIY Terrarium

DIY Terrarium

Looking for a fun home project that’s trendy, easy, and kid-friendly? Look no further than a DIY terrarium, which is adorable and practical. Find a pretty glass container; fill it with gravel and soil; and add your favorite succulents, moss, or ferns. For added pizzazz, throw in some decorative rocks, and you’re done!

DIY Terrarium materials


  • Open or closed glass container or jar
  • Rocks or gravel
  • Potting soil
  • Moss or ferns
  • Succulents, air plants, or small cacti

DIY Terrarium step 1

Step 1
Once you’ve found a glass container for your terrarium, add a layer of small rocks to the bottom of it. This step is crucial, as it replaces the need for drainage: The rocks soak up excess moisture in the terrarium.

DIY Terrarium steps 2

Step 2
Add a layer of potting soil to the container. Most potting soils will work; however, if you plan to add only cacti and succulents, you can use a cacti- and succulent-specific potting soil to create the driest environment. If you’re adding a mix of succulents and moss like we did, stick to regular potting soil.

DIY Terrarium step 3

Step 3
Position your plants and moss in the terrarium, starting with the largest plants. If you’re using a closed container for your terrarium, use only moss and fern options, as the succulents and air plants will not be able to survive without circulation. Add any other decorative elements you’d like to the top of the terrarium.

DIY Terrarium step 4

Step 4
Lightly mist the terrarium with water and set it out on display. The water amount will vary based on which plants you use, but we’d recommend misting once a week and adjusting if necessary from there.

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