Nintendo Switch Goes Where You Go for Anytime Gaming Fun

Gaming at home is a blast. But gaming on the go with a portable video game console like the Nintendo Switch takes fun to a new level. Whether poolside or at the park, here’s why the Nintendo Switch is perfect for summer fun.

The Switch lives up to its name by empowering gamers to change things up: Use the docking station to play at home in TV mode, the handheld mode to make Nintendo Switch mobile, or select the tabletop mode to turn the screen so that two people can get in on the action.

You’ll flip for the flexibility of the Joy-Con controller. Playing alone? Use one controller. Have a buddy who wants to face off? Grab the second controller. The Joy-Con controller works both vertically or sideways, depending on your play. And for a traditional hold, slip both Joy-Cons into the Joy-Con Grip and let the games begin.

Feel that? In addition to motion control, each Joy-Con controller is equipped with HD rumble, which adds a nice touch to action intensity. Feel the vibrations right in the palm of your hand for a level of realism unmatched with just sight and sound.

Rounding out the gaming experience, the IR motion camera, located in the right Joy-Con controller, is used to detect distance, shape, and motion of nearby objects.

Every Nintendo Switch comes with a standard 32 gigabytes of storage. The battery can last up to six hours after being fully charged, depending on the game.

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