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You’re Missing Out on the Benefits of a Bed in a Box

Young woman sleeping in with sunlight shining through her windowHave you ever heard of a “bed in a box?” Maybe you’ve seen one (or several) roll through your social media feed. They have the sleep world singing sweet lullabies—and for good reason! A bed in a box couldn’t be more convenient to buy, set up, and enjoy. Learn how a bed in a box works, and check out the dreamy benefits for yourself.

What Is Bed in a Box

A bed in a box is exactly what it sounds like: a bed that comes packaged in a convenient, easy-to-transport box! Memory, gel foam, coil spring, and even hybrid mattresses can be rolled up and vacuum-sealed in a box that’s easy for one or two people to carry. When packaged, a bed in a box is much smaller than a traditional mattress (most beds in a box average around five feet long and one foot tall).

With a bed in a box, you can forget about the old way of mattress shopping. Buying a mattress used to be a huge hassle. You needed a pickup truck and delivery crew to transport even a twin mattress, and let’s not mention the struggle of getting that bulky hunk of fabric down the hall and through your bedroom door! With a bed in a box, you can forget about these annoyances.

The Best Bed in a Box Benefits

Easy to Move and Set-Up

A bed in a box doesn’t require a moving crew or special equipment. It’s the perfect size for one or two people to set up. For example, the Ashley Furniture Augusta Euro Top Queen Mattress comes in a cardboard box that’s only 65 inches long and 14 inches wide. That’s small enough to move on a dolly or scoot across the carpet on your own.

Once the boxed mattress is in the right room (and yes, it will easily fit through the doorway), just unbox and unroll the mattress. It comes sealed in plastic and rolled like a burrito! Then remove the plastic from the mattress and watch it grow. It will start expanding immediately and you’ll be able to sleep on it within a few hours. The mattress will reach full height within 12 hours!

Extremely Comfortable

We know what you’re thinking. “If my bed comes in such a small box, how could it be comfortable? It’s as flat as a pancake!”

Hear us out. A high-quality bed in a box like the Ashley Sierra Sleep “Curacao” Pillow Top Queen Mattress will “grow” from just a few inches high to a luxuriously thick 13-inch height within 12 hours. Kind of like the fun and educational “just add water” dinosaurs that you might’ve grown as a kid.

No Bulky Extras

You know all those additional components you need for a traditional spring mattress? A bed frame, a box spring… the extras can add up fast. With a bed in a box, the only thing you’ll need is a foldable metal foundation. Rent-A-Center’s convenient delivery options mean both the foundation and your bed in a box can be set up in about ten minutes. That level of streamlined simplicity leaves more time for napping!

Where Can I Buy a Bed in a Box?

Dreaming of a better night’s sleep, but not sure where to buy bed in a box mattresses? Head to your local Rent-A-Center for the best bed in a box options, or shop mattresses online to find the perfect fit for your home. Start your order now and have your bed in a box delivered and set up before bedtime. Sweet dreams!

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