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Can Your Smart TV Do These 10 Clever Things?

Can Your Smart TV Do These 10 Clever Things?

Remote pointing at a smart TVThink that TVs haven’t changed much in the last few years? Think again! These days, smart TVs are so advanced that they almost function like computers. They can even download streaming applications that’ll help you cut your cable cord and still get most of your favorite shows and movies! But what apps do smart TVs have? They have quite a few actually! Everything from Netflix and Hulu to YouTube and Facebook, your smart TV can be your one-stop entertainment center. If you’ve got a new smart TV or you’re still not sure what smart TVs actually do, check out these intelligent features!

Surf the Web

Need to find an SNL skit from last month? Want to get your family’s opinion on your online shopping cart without squishing in front of the computer? The newest smart TVs allow you to browse the web, meaning you can quickly queue up YouTube clips, get your online retail therapy, and more — all from the comfort of your living room!


One of the most significant benefits of having a smart TV as opposed to a traditional TV is that you don’t need to connect a bunch of different devices to get the content you want.

With a smart TV, you’ll never find yourself feeling confused or frustrated when one of your devices fails to connect to the display. Everything you need can be loaded into your TV, without the need for other devices or unsightly cords.

Instead of having to hook up a DVD player, you can stream your favorite movies using smart TV apps. Not sure what apps smart TVs have? Pretty much everything you can think of — including streaming services, live TV networks, educational games, and even fitness applications!

Help You Get Fit

Think watching TV is for couch potatoes? Not with a smart TV! Fitness-themed Smart TV applications put wellness at your fingertips and let you get your workout right from your couch. Queue up a workout video with apps like Fitness VOD and Daily Burn, track your fitness, and even check your form with a tap of the remote control!

Stream Live Programming

Interested in current world events? Do you enjoy watching live events like concerts or professional games with a group of people at home? Despite the perception that smart TVs are just for streaming, many models allow you to livestream anything you want — from the football draft to the Oscars!

Talk Face-to-Face with Your Loved Ones

So, what do smart TVs offer? How about the chance to reconnect with family and friends! You probably know that you can video chat with your loved ones on your smartphone. But did you know you can also use a smart TV? With smart TV applications like Skype, you only need to connect a camera to your television to get some face time with your long-distance loved ones. No matter how many miles are between you and your favorite niece or youngest grandson, a smart TV can bring you closer!

Double as a Gaming Console

If you’re into video games, but you don’t want to shell out the money for a video game console, then a smart TV might be your best option! There are several ways to connect your smart TV to the games you love. While you still have the option of hooking up a console, many game makers now have apps that you can download right to the TV. That means you can cut your cable cord and your game console cord!

Scroll Through Social Media

Want to stay connected to your friends during the big finale of your favorite show? Now you can get updates, interact, and share your thoughts on your favorite social media accounts right from your smart TV! Now that’s news worth retweeting!

Play Music

Your smart TV is one of the best ways to listen to music in your home. Whether it’s through your favorite music application or by streaming a live concert, playing your favorite tunes has never been easier.

Bonus: Instead of having a separate sound system for your musical equipment and an additional one for your TV, listening to music through your smart TV allows you to invest in a single, high-quality home theater setup!

Stay Up-to-Date

Another benefit of newer smart TVs is that software updates happen automatically, if and when they are necessary. In other words, as technology changes and new features become available, you’ll have a chance to access those advancements without having to run manual updates or upgrade devices as often.

Get the Big Picture

Are you looking to upgrade your Friday night movie experience without leaving the house? Rent-A-Center is the smart way to own your smart TV. Choose our 4 to 6 Months Same As Cash option to get our best price on top-rated electronics like the Samsung 65” Smart 4K UHD TV — its wide display offers 4X the resolution of full HD giving you a larger-than-life viewing experience!

Samsung UHD Smart TV

So, what do smart TVs actually do? Turns out they do quite a lot! If all these smart features make your TV feel a little out-of-date, upgrade to a smart TV today to get the best features, screen size, and resolution! Head into a Rent-A-Center near you to start shopping for your new smart TV.

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