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Be a WFH Boss: 5 Steps for the Best Home Office Setup for Productivity

Be a WFH Boss: 5 Steps for the Best Home Office Setup for Productivity

It can be difficult to get into the swing of things after the holidays, especially at work. Now that you’re back in the good ol’ swivel chair, you might be looking for ways to boost your creativity for your own business, or perhaps you’d like to work towards getting a promotion in the virtual office. Either way, a productive workplace is critical to achieving your professional goals. Follow these steps to create the best home office setup for productivity.

1. Utilize the Space You Have

Space may be at a premium when working from home. But that just means you get to flex your creative muscles and use the space you have to create a productive work environment! Whether you have a spare bedroom to designate exclusively as a home office, a dining room that gets very little use, or even a closet that’s on the larger side, the first step in setting up a productive home office is to choose a dedicated space.

2. Choose Colors Carefully

Once you’ve settled on where you’re going to be working from home, you can start thinking about how to make your workspace more productive. The color you choose to paint the walls can be a key factor in how you make your home office more conducive to productivity and creativity. Shades of green can boost creativity and focus, blue tones help calm the mind and aid concentration, while yellow can help increase innovation.

On the other hand, there are also colors that should be avoided for a workspace. Skip the highlighter pink and green accent walls, as too many bright colors can be distracting. White can feel sterile and unproductive, and red can make you feel agitated–best to avoid those as your WFH colleagues won’t be very appreciative of your moodiness!

3. Opt for Ergonomic Furniture

With the space and color scheme picked out, now it’s time to make sure your furniture will support you both physically and mentally throughout your work day. It’s difficult to focus if your back or neck is constantly hurting. Choosing an ergonomic office desk and office chair provides a comfortable resting position while you’re at your computer. Ergonomic furniture can help you concentrate on the task at hand, rather than on finding a position that feels right.

The position of your chair and desk are also contributing factors to comfort. For example, sitting in a chair that is too low can contribute to poor circulation, while a chair that is too high can cause sciatic pain. A desk or table that is too low can also cause wrist and shoulder pain. Comfort is crucial to creating the best home office setup for productivity!

4. Get the Lighting Right

Just as when setting up the ideal study room, the light sources in your home office are a key piece in how to make your home office more productive. If your dedicated office space has a window, open the curtains during the day, as natural light helps keep you awake and focused, especially during the winter months. Blue and white LED lights are a great choice if you need to rely on artificial lighting, as they mimic natural lighting. Psychological studies indicate that natural or similar lighting can even improve your sleep, long after you’ve logged off for the night.

The type of lighting also matters. You’ll need top-down lighting to help illuminate the whole home office—a tall floor lamp or ceiling light are ideal for this purpose. Meanwhile, you should include task-lighting in your office, such as a swing-arm desk lamp, for when you need to focus-in on specific tasks or projects on your laptop or desktop.

5. Curate Concentration

Finally, with your home office set up, now it’s time to actually use it—and to use it exclusively. Though only approximately 49% of Americans report having a dedicated workspace, a dedicated area can help boost your concentration and productivity. It trains your brain to focus on work once you enter the space, rather than think about what you need to make for dinner or the laundry that still needs to get done. This level of focus helps in reducing stress, and boosts productivity.

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