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Is Tufted Furniture in Style? Yes!

Is Tufted Furniture in Style? Yes!

What’s both timeless and trendy? Classic and modern? Simple, yet interesting? Tufted furniture, of course! Furniture with tufted upholstery is the perfect way to transform your living room from plain to posh. Read on to find out if the tufted furniture trend is right for you!

What Is Tufted Furniture?

Tufting is when upholstered buttons are sewn into a piece of furniture. Most commonly, button tufting is arranged in a diamond pattern, and it adds visual interest and texture to an otherwise smooth furniture surface.

Ashley Acieona-Slate 3-Piece Reclining Sectionals are a prime example of the impact that tufting can have on a piece of furniture. Whether you choose a sofa with square arms for a mid-century modern look or rounded arms for a more traditional style, button tufting can elevate any living room with a touch of elegance.

Is Tufted Furniture In Style?

Tufted furniture has been around for hundreds of years, and yet, it’s still a staple in modern design. A diamond-tufted pattern adds sophistication, texture, and flair to even the simplest furniture pieces. Tufted furniture is hot right now, but is it suitable for your home? We’ll help you weigh the pros and cons so you can make the best decision.

Pros and Cons of Tufted Furniture

Pros of Tufted Furniture

  • Versatility: A tufted sofa is an excellent choice for your living room, but truly, tufted furniture works in any room! A tufted headboard makes a glamorous focal piece for your bedroom, while tufted dining and accent chairs can keep things looking stylish in a seating area.
  • Works with any design style: Tufted furniture complements any decor style, from modern to farmhouse to industrial.
  • On-trend: High-end designers use tufted furniture to bring an air of sophistication to a room. Why shouldn’t you do the same?
  • Timeless: a high-quality tufted leather sofa can stand the test of time and look good with any accessories. As your decor style grows and changes, a tufted sofa will be super adaptable to your latest interior design ideas.

Cons of Tufted Furniture

  • Functional limitations: If you need a sofa bed or sectional, it may be harder to find these features in a tufted style.
  • Different feel: A smooth sitting surface or cushion feels different from a tufted one. Keep in mind that tufted buttons are typically hard, and you may not like how they feel on your back when you sit down.
  • Extra cleaning or maintenance: Lint or dirt might get trapped between the buttons and the fabric on a tufted sofa, which can require a bit of extra effort when cleaning.

Tufted Sofa Style: Find Your Perfect Match

To tuft, or not to tuft? When it comes to your living room, we say tuft away! Decide what kind of fabric you want — from textured fabric and leather to smooth velvet upholstery — and look for a tufted sofa with a sturdy wood frame and timeless details. Pick a couch color that will go with your home’s style, and don’t forget to accessorize with a new coffee table and lamps!

An on-trend Scandinavian vibe that’ll be the envy of your neighbors and friends in no time? Yes, please! Pair the Venaldi Sofa-Chaise with minimalistic lamps and side tables to maximize clean lines.

Need to fill a bigger room with comfy tufted furniture? Two tufted furniture pieces are better than one! Bring home the Vacherie Reclining Sofa and Loveseat, and enjoy the best of both comfort and style.

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