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Should I Get New Tires Before a Road Trip?

Should I Get New Tires Before a Road Trip?

When it comes to road trips, getting there can be the best part — unless you get a flat tire. Are your tires ready for a season full of fun? Learn how to tell if you need new tires before a road trip and get the scoop on one of the cheapest ways to get a fresh set of tires.

Do I Need New Tires Before a Road Trip?

It’s no secret that tires are crucial to your safety on the road. But do you know how to tell when your tires are past their prime?

You might need new tires before your road trip if:

You can’t remember the last time you got new tires. Your tires are the one part of your vehicle that actually touches the road — they’re crucial for safe driving! If you’re not sure when your vehicle last had its tires replaced, it’s probably time to get new ones.

According to Car and Driver, “Most tires should be inspected, if not replaced, at about six years and should absolutely be swapped out after ten years, regardless of how much tread they have left.” Whatever your budget, Rent-A-Center has tires from top brands that won’t break the bank.

You spot uneven tread wear or shallow treads on your tires. With your busy lifestyle, your car gets a lot of time on the road. And that time on the road leads to wear and tear on your tires. To check the tread depth levels on your tires, use a penny or quarter. Insert the quarter into a tread depth indicator on one of your tires. If you see all of Washington’s head, it’s time to shop for new tires before yours wear down past a safe level.

The same idea applies to the penny. Insert the penny between your tire treads with Lincoln’s head pointing down. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head on any part of your tires, they likely don’t have enough tread depth left to grip the road reliably. In that case, replace them ASAP.

There’s visible damage on one or more of your tires. A gash that deflates your tire will be noticeable, but a small crack in the sidewall may not be as obvious. It’s a good idea to inspect your tires before a road trip to ensure your tires are ready for the mileage you’re about to put on them.

Your vehicle feels “off” while driving. Maybe it feels like your car “pulls” to one side while you’re driving, or perhaps it feels like the car rides differently these days. Both could indicate misaligned tires (which, spoiler alert, usually leads to uneven tire wear and damage). If your tires are old and just haven’t felt right lately, it’s probably a good idea to get new tires before your road trip.

Caring for Your New Tires Before Your Road Trip

Alright, alright, you admit it. It would be best if you had new tires before a road trip. Your local Rent-A-Center can help you get new tires at a price you can afford, but the work doesn’t stop there! Before you hit the road (and once a month), be sure to inspect your tires and keep up with routine maintenance for them.

Here are a few things to stay on top of for better tire health and safety:

  • Tire Pressure: Keep a tire gauge in your car so you can check for proper pressure. Tire pressure that’s too high or too low isn’t just a surefire way to damage your tires—it can also create a dangerous situation, like a tire blowout.
  • Your Spare Tire: You probably don’t think much about your spare tire… until you need it! When checking your other four tires, thoroughly inspect the spare for any signs of damage or excessive wear so it’ll be ready in case of an emergency on your road trip.
  • Tire Rotations: Think tire rotation is a waste of time? Think again. Tire rotations help encourage even wear on all four tires (rather than one or two tires wearing out too quickly) and can extend the life of your tires over time. Regular tire rotations could save you money down the road!
  • Alignment Checks: When your new tires are installed, have your vehicle’s alignment checked and corrected to ensure even wear on your tires. It’s a good idea to have a tire pro check your alignment at least once (twice if possible) every year, too.

Getting New Tires Before a Road Trip: The Affordable Way

You’ve changed the oil and tuned up the engine, but you’re not entirely ready for a road trip without a set of quality tires. Don’t let cash flow woes stand in the way of your road trip safety and peace of mind. Rent-A-Center has new tires for as low as $19.99 per week!* Shop your local Rent-A-Center’s selection of tires today and keep your road trip focus where it belongs: making memories!

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