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Lean Into That Page Turner: This is the Best Way to Read in Bed Comfortably

Lean Into That Page Turner: This is the Best Way to Read in Bed Comfortably

Getting lost in a good book is the perfect way to wind down after a stressful day. But reading in bed can become uncomfortable and lead to back and neck pain over time. Get comfy, get cozy, and get ready to read in bed the right way! Learn the proper posture and setup to support your back and your brain.

Focus on Proper Reading Posture

Just like there’s a correct posture for watching TV in bed, there’s a proper posture for reading in bed. Many of us like lying on our sides and try to read in that same position, but it doesn’t give your body the support it needs to stay comfy. Instead, you want to find a reading position that provides plenty of spine and neck support.

When reading in bed, it’s best to be in an upright position with your legs in front of you. Sitting up allows you to support your back with pillows or cushions. Try stacking a few pillows behind your lower back or using a wedge pillow to support your spine. You might also want to add a cushion to your lap. You can rest your arms and wrists on this cushion, and it can keep your book closer to your face, reducing strain on your eyes and keeping your neck from bending in uncomfortable positions.

Find a Bed Frame with the Right Accessories

A solid bed frame with a few convenient accessories can make a world of difference when it comes to reading in bed. You need two important things when reading: storage for your books and lighting.

While a nightstand offers a good spot to rest your books and other supplies, it can take up space you might not have and may require stretching out of bed to reach them. Beds with built-in shelving give you an easy-to-access place to set your favorite novels without taking up a lot of floor space. For lighting, you can purchase reading lights or extra lamps, or you can go for LED furniture, which gives you the extra lighting you need to see the pages in any book.

Get the best of both worlds with an Ashley Furniture Bed with LED lights in the headboard. This is the ultimate bed frame for avid readers, offering plenty of style and excellent reading light to help avoid eye strain.

Invest in a Cozy Mattress

If you want to know how to read in bed comfortably, you need to start with a good mattress. Having the correct posture and nice bedroom furniture won’t mean much if your current one is lumpy or sagging. Purchasing a mattress that’s firm and holds its shape well can help with any back pain or discomfort you experience while reading in bed. Plus, the right mattress can give you your best sleep.

Create the Perfect Reading Setup with Rent-A-Center

Stop tossing, turning, and readjusting while you try to read in bed. With a comfortable reading setup, you can better focus on that page-turner in your hands! Get the mattress, bedroom set, and lighting you need to upgrade your bedroom experience at Rent-A-Center. Shop online or visit your local store today!

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