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4 Surprising Things to Love About LED Furniture

4 Surprising Things to Love About LED Furniture

Dark wood LED bedroom setIf you think light-up LED furniture is only for upscale events and sophisticated parties, think again! LED furniture can take your home from classic to modern with the click of a button. LED furniture isn’t just for looks, either.

Discover some of the less obvious — but super practical — benefits of new LED furniture in your home. Trust us: life on the bright side is better.

1. LED furniture brings the movie theater to you.

Forget about going to the movies! Create those experiential theater vibes right in your living room. The Kempton reclining sofa and loveseat set by Ashley Furniture gives friends and family Hollywood-worthy seating. Plus, the Kempton isn’t your average modern recliner—its built-in blue LED lights take this classic power recliner to a sophisticated new level. black recliner and loveseat with LED lights in bright living room

Rearrange your living room furniture so everyone has a perfect view of your big-screen TV. Dim the overhead lights, power up your sound system, and let the oohs and ahhs begin.

Need to refill your drink or grab more popcorn? Don’t ruin the movie mood by flicking on a lamp! Use the LED light on your modern recliner to guide you to a tasty cinema snack. The best part? Walking to your kitchen means you won’t have to pay concession stand prices!

2. A classic LED headboard upgrades the feel of your bedroom.

Sure, you want total darkness when you’re trying to get a good night’s sleep in your cozy Ashley Furniture mattress. But what can you do when you want a different vibe in your serene space? Add mood lighting, of course! With the Lodana 6-piece bedroom set, chic, modern mood lighting for your bedroom is just a click away. The bed’s remote-controlled lights come in four colors: red, white, purple, and blue—so you can set the tone for whatever you want to do. Bedtime reading? Go for white light. Sci-fi movie-watching? Click the remote over to lightsaber blue.

3. LED furniture keeps your devices running with built-in charging.

With a new LED headboard and matching bedroom set from Rent-A-Center, your headboard isn’t the only thing that’ll be “lit.” Each Lodana nightstand offers a built-in USB and wireless charger so your devices will be powered up and ready to go as soon as morning comes. When your alarm goes off, crank some tunes on your phone and flip on the flashing LED lights to help you wake up. Who says mornings aren’t a good time for epic dance parties?!

4. Light the way (but not the whole room!) with LED furniture.

If you’ve ever stubbed your toe on a midnight trip to the bathroom, you’ll know that an LED headboard can offer both looks and function. Use the remote-controlled light to give yourself just enough light to safely navigate to the bathroom door in the darkness — but not so much light that you can’t fall back asleep.

Light Up Your Home with LED Furniture

Now that you see what all the hype is about, are you ready to light up your home with LED furniture of your own? With Rent-A-Center’s easy, no-credit-needed shopping process, you can enjoy bite-sized payments on new LED furniture for your living room and bedroom. Visit your local Rent-A-Center for the best LED furniture options, or shop furniture online. Start your order now and have your furniture delivered before dark!

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