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What Kind of Mattress Should I Buy to Get My Best Sleep?

What Kind of Mattress Should I Buy to Get My Best Sleep?

Girl Sleeping Soundly on New MattressYou know it’s time to replace your mattress, but you’re not sure where to start. It’s not like you go mattress shopping every day. Firm support foam or super soft? Euro top or pillow top? Allergen barrier or no barrier? Your mattress options are nearly limitless. Rent-A-Center can help you decide what kind of mattress to buy so you get the best sleep of your life!

While choosing a mattress has a lot to do with personal preference, factors like sleeping position, body type, and various physical issues play a role in the type of mattress that may be best for you. It’s difficult to spell out any hard and fast rules, but there are general concepts to keep in mind.

Three mattresses – the Augusta 12” Profile Euro Top, the Curacao 13” Pillow Top, and the Mt. Dana 16” Ultra Premium Euro Top – top our list of the best mattresses. Now, it’s all about deciding between those top contenders.

The Ultimate Mattress Debate

Choose Between Soft vs. Firm

Maybe you’re a mattress connoisseur and know what type of mattress you prefer. Maybe, like many shoppers, you aren’t quite sure what level of support you need.

Start by considering your general sleeping position. Side sleepers often do best on a mattress with a soft-to-medium level firmness, which relieves pressure on their neck and back. A softer mattress, like the Curacao 13” Pillow Top with Super Soft Foam, contours to the curves of a side sleeper to give them a blissful sleep.

Stomach sleepers often snooze best on a mattress with a bit more firmness. A mattress that gives equally firm support across the body, like the Augusta 12” Profile Euro Top with Firm Support Foam or the Mt. Dana 16” Ultra Premium Euro Top with High-Density Foam, will ensure their spine is supported and aligned throughout the night.

If you like to change up your sleeping position, you’ll want a mattress that falls somewhere in the middle. Back sleepers benefit from a surface that supports the spine but still has some give to it. If you’re a back sleeper, you’re really in luck! You’ll enjoy sweet dreams on a variety of mattresses.

Consider the Coil Quantity

You may know that most mattresses contain coils, but the specifics are another story. What do coil quantities mean, and what kind of coils should you look for?

In general, higher coil counts translate to higher comfort levels. You’ll want to avoid mattresses with low coil counts, typically less than 400. The Augusta 12” Profile Euro Top and Curacao 13” Pillow Top mattresses both feature 638 pocketed coils, well above the recommended count, while the Mt. Dana 16” Ultra Premium Euro Top features a whopping 7,208 pocketed coils. In other words, these mattresses are comfortable.

The “pocketed” part of the coil description describes the construction of the coil. These particular types of coils are wrapped in a textile, which helps reduce the amount of movement you feel on the mattress. Do you have a partner who tosses and turns all night? Go with pocketed coils, all the way.

Let’s Talk Toppers

On “top” of a mattress sits a topper, or an extra layer of cushioning. Toppers can be made from a variety of materials including foam, fiber, or gel, and can help relieve pressure on sleepers’ shoulders and hips. If you have back pain, you’ll want to pay attention to this section. The right topper can help prevent and soothe back pain.

Two of the most common types of toppers are conventional pillow tops and Euro tops. A conventional pillow top mattress, like the Curacao, has an extra layer of padding stitched on top of the mattress. The layer is sewn into place and easy to notice. A pillow top feels cushiony from edge to edge.

A Euro top, on the other hand, has the extra padding sewn underneath the top of the mattress so it doesn’t look like there’s an extra layer of padding. The padding sits flush with the edges, i.e., there’s no noticeable “flap.”

Curacao Pillow Top Mattress Mt. Dana Ultra Premium Euro Top Mattress
Curacao Pillow Top Mattress Mt. Dana Ultra Premium Euro Top

Euro top mattresses tend to look sleeker than conventional pillow tops. (See how the corners of the Euro top are smoother?) And since the padding is sewn underneath the cover, the padding in a Euro top won’t lose shape or shift over time. Euro tops are an excellent choice for sleepers who suffer from back or neck pain. They’re both supportive and soft, and offer much-needed support toward the edges of the mattress.

Are Mattress Barriers Important?

Yes! As allergy sufferers know, symptoms can worsen dramatically at night. Mattress barriers and encasements are designed to help prevent a build-up of dust and allergens that can aggravate allergy symptoms.

Good mattresses are an investment and an important one at that. After all, you want your mattress to last for at least seven to eight years, according to the experts. Protect this investment however you can.

A mattress encasement will help prolong the lifespan of your mattress, protect it from bed bugs, and prevent staining. The Augusta, Curacao, and Mt. Dana mattresses all come with Luxury Nano Stain Treated Stretched Knit Covers and six-sided mattress encasements so that you – and your investment – are fully taken care of.

We’re all about making your dreams come true – literally. Have a new king, queen, or twin mattress delivered to your home with our free same-day delivery service, or easily add a premium mattress to your bedroom set. Start your order online or visit a Rent-A-Center near you today!

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