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6 Things to Do With a PS4 (That Aren’t Gaming)

6 Things to Do With a PS4 (That Aren’t Gaming)

Family playing a PlaystationIt can be difficult to justify investing in a gaming system when only one member of your household is a hardcore gamer. But the good news is, the PlayStation 4 (PS4) is so much more than a gaming console! In fact, there are many ways to use a PS4 that don’t involve gaming at all but do involve fun for the whole family.

So you just got a PS4 Slim — now what?

In the few years since its launch, the PS4 has gained tremendous popularity, considered by many to be the best gaming console on the market. And part of its popularity is likely due to its capacity for all-around entertainment. While it’s primarily used for gaming, there are plenty of other things to do with a PlayStation 4 that your whole crew can get in on. The following are six of this system’s best non-gaming benefits.

1. Connect to Spotify with PlayStation Music

Since Sony partnered with Spotify, all PS4 users can access their Spotify accounts to stream music. All you’ll need to do is install the Spotify app for PS4 (found in the PlayStation Store), and you’ll be ready to jam to your favorite songs directly from your console. What’s more, music can also be played in the background of most games. With Spotify Connect, you can even change the music on Spotify without pausing your game!

2. Take advantage of USB playback with Media Player

A PS4 makes it easy to stream media from the internet and from your personal files! Thanks to its straightforward USB connectivity, you can easily plugin and play media straight from your phone or computer — so you can reminisce on old videos, throw it back with photo memories, or introduce the family to your new mixtape!

Just connect your USB device to your console and load the PS4 Media Player from your home screen.

3. Watch all your favorite Blu-rays

Did you know you can watch Blu-rays on a PS4? It’s true! The PS4 has a built-in Blu-ray drive that can play both Blu-rays and 3D Blu-ray discs, so everyone can cozy up in the living room to screen your favorite flicks or premiere new releases. And better still, the PS4’s Blu-ray player is as sophisticated (if not superior to) most dedicated machines on the market right now.

4. Purchase shows or movies from the PlayStation Store

The PlayStation Store is not only where you’ll find digital copies of games, but the PlayStation Video section has the latest movies and TV shows for purchase, as well. You can find the PlayStation Store directly on your PS4’s home screen, or browse it through your laptop or smartphone. If you’re looking for a new show to binge, entire TV box sets are available along with the latest and greatest prime time releases.

5. Access countless streaming services

With the PS4, you get access to the best entertainment out there, making it super easy to cut the cable cord! Whether you’re looking to stream movies and TV shows with PlayStation Video, or you want to use your system as a streaming hub, the PS4 has you covered. The TV & Video tab on your home screen is where you’ll find all your favorite TV and movie streaming services, with native support for platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Now, YouTube, NBA, NFL, and much more.

6. Dive into the Plex streaming experience

For those looking for more in-depth and content-rich streaming, there’s the Plex app for the PS4. Plex is a media server with dedicated software stored on a Mac, PC, or NAS hard drive, with the ability to convert files a device can’t play naturally and sort videos into categories with cover art for easy viewing. This means Plex can essentially turn your personal videos and home media collection into a Netflix-like library to transform your memories into movie nights! Just how cool is that?

Bring Home a PS4 Today!

Now that you’ve heard all the awesome things you can do on a PS4 that don’t involve gaming, maybe you’re considering purchasing one for your own family. If you’re interested in renting a PS4 Slim but a bit hesitant about the cost commitment, look no further than your local Rent-A-Center.

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