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Mattress Matters: Why Use a Mattress Cover

Mattress Matters: Why Use a Mattress Cover

Woman stretching a cover over a mattressYou might not think mattress covers really matter… but you might want to reconsider once you realize how much time you actually spend in bed! According to the NY Post, the average American spends 36 years in bed within their lifetime! And even though mattresses aren’t supposed to last you that long, just a few years of naps and snoozes can cause gunk to accumulate on yours. Before you hit the hay, let’s learn about the benefits of mattress covers.

It will keep your mattress feeling brand new for longer.

No matter how squeaky-clean you are, it’s inevitable that you’ll occasionally sweat (and drool!) at night. This moisture gradually wears down all that pillowy foam goodness in your mattress, leading to dipping and sagging, which may make your bed feel less comfortable! A mattress cover helps block this comfort-reducing moisture. That’s one of the many reasons why Rent-A-Center includes a free mattress cover with every mattress rental. You deserve to feel like you’re sleeping on clouds!

It keeps the mattress clean.

You already know that everyone sweats and drools in their sleep, but that’s not all. Our skin produces oil, and dead skin cells slough off day in and day out. If you generously let Fido and Buster share your bed, you can add pet hair, drool, and more to the mattress grime mix. A mattress cover will keep all of this gunk from accumulating on and inside your mattress, where it’s pretty much impossible to get out. Instead, throw the machine-washable cover in your washing machine, and it’s good as new!

It can bust the dust and prevent allergies.

If you find yourself sneezing up a storm when doing your spring-cleaning, you’ll definitely want to put a cover on your mattress. Dust mite allergies are extremely common, and no one wants to cough, sneeze, and blow their nose all night. Plus, guess what these pesky mites feed on? Dead skin cells! That makes all of those nooks and crannies of an unprotected mattress the perfect breeding ground for dust mites. A dust mite mattress protector prevents these allergens from infiltrating your bed, and it’s easy to clean regularly.

It prevents stains.

Maybe you’re not one to eat breakfast (or lunch or dinner) in bed very often, but even spilling water onto your bed in the middle of the night can cause issues without a mattress cover. Anything you spill onto your mattress can leave unsightly stains and even cause mold to grow. If you ever have any sort of liquid around your bed or have children who are still mastering the art of midnight pottying, a waterproof mattress protector is a must-have.

It protects against bed bugs – yes, those are very real!

The bad, and extremely gross, news about bed bugs is that even the cleanest, tidiest households can get them. If you ever stay in hotels, vacation rentals, or even a relative’s house, there’s a chance you can carry bed bugs back home with you via clothes and luggage. In apartment buildings, bed bugs can readily travel from an infested unit into yours. While you don’t want bed bugs in the first place, you really don’t want them burrowing into your mattress. A mattress protector can make your life a lot easier in case of a bed bug infestation.

Get a free mattress protector before bedtime!

Few things are more important than getting a good night’s sleep, and that starts with a good, covered mattress. Tossing and turning over an unprotected mattress? Get a new rent-to-own bedroom set from Rent-A-Center, and you’ll receive a complimentary mattress cover! Each cover is zippered, waterproof, machine washable, and resistant to bed bugs, dust mites, and other allergens. Because when we say, “Don’t let the bed bugs bite!” we mean it.

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