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What Tools Should Every Homeowner Have and Why

What Tools Should Every Homeowner Have and Why

Man fixing the pipe under a sinkWhen you’re a homeowner, you may not realize how much you need tools until you really need them! And while building up a toolbox might seem daunting, it is often the simpler tools that come in handy the most. Whether you’re hanging a picture or crafting some DIY decor to freshen up your home, the right tools for the job make all the difference. So, if you’re planning on putting together your own toolkit, then check out these must-have items that every homeowner should have.

For the Beginner

Does the phrase “Assembly required” make you a bit nervous? Then it’s time to put together your beginner’s toolkit to tackle that project. Your beginner’s toolkit should have the essentials to perform small projects and basic tasks around the house. While you probably won’t be able to build custom cabinetry with just the items below, they’ll come in handy more than you may think.


Though simple in theory, a hammer is a very useful tool and essential in homeownership. Whether you’re hammering nails to hang pictures, putting together some ready-to-assemble furniture pieces, or building a birdhouse with the kids, a hammer will certainly be your best friend.


When it comes to helping keep things straight, nothing performs better than a level. From hanging pictures to installing curtain rods, a level is an essential in every beginner’s toolkit.


A good pair of pliers is a must for many projects around the house where finger strength just won’t cut it. Pull nails out of the wall, get a grip on stubborn plumbing, and tighten up a leaky faucet. And with many plier sets available, having the right pair of pliers to reach for is easy.

Screwdriver Set

So, remember that old “Assembly required” phrase? You wouldn’t get very far into the assembly without a good screwdriver. Since the list of uses for a screwdriver set could go on for quite a while, it’s easier to simply set it as a requirement for your beginner’s toolbox.

Tape Measure

From measuring wall space for home decor to checking the space in a room for your future furniture rental, a tape measure is a very handy tool to have in your arsenal. Tape measures can come in lengths from a few feet to 35 feet or more. And since the majority of tape measures take up the same amount of space, it’s better to go big for your home.

For the Avid DIYer

Sometimes a few simple tools just won’t cut it, especially if your DIY projects are a bit more advanced. For a more well-rounded homeowner’s toolkit, it’s good to have a few heavy-lifting power tools on hand. Depending on the type of project, what tools you really need will depend. But these power tools will help you get a strong start to your ultimate homeowner’s toolkit.

Battery Powered Drill

When you need a bit more power than your wrist and a screwdriver can perform, a drill is a must-have. Use it to screw into studs when mounting heavier decor pieces, assemble larger DIY projects faster, hang shelves, and so much more. Plus, you can find brush attachments for your drill online and use them to power-scrub soap scum off your shower tiles. So satisfying!

Oscillating Multi Tool

With many attachment options available, an oscillating multi tool can saw, grind, or slice many things, such as wood, plumbing, and even thin metal. Using rapid back-and-forth oscillations, you could use this tool to trim up edges on a DIY project, grind down a door in a tight frame, fit new drain pipes under the sink, and so much more.

Cordless Circular Saw

This handy handheld saw is perfect for taking control of your DIY projects. If you enjoy a more from-scratch experience in your projects, a solid circular hand saw is perfect for trimming wood down to size.

Additionally, change out the blades to cut through other materials like stone and concrete. Plus, using a cordless circular saw like the one in the 6-tool combo kit from DeWalt can keep you untethered during your project, giving you more freedom to get stuff done.

Battery Powered Jigsaw

When you require more sawing precision on your home projects, you need a jigsaw. Using a super-fast up-and-down motion, this saw is useful for cutting out center holes or shaped edges in wood to help give your home project a professional look.

Build Your Toolkit at Rent-A-Center

Are you tired of using loaner tools from your friends every time you want to do a home project? Then it’s time to invest in your own toolkit! Find tool rentals near you from Rent-A-Center, such as the Porter-Cable Cordless Tool Kit Combo, and get ready to tackle your next DIY project like a boss!

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