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How to Make Your Bed Feel Like a Hotel Bed

How to Make Your Bed Feel Like a Hotel Bed

Comfortable bed in modern-looking bedroomNothing compares to the bliss of cozying up in a hotel bed after a long day of traveling. The sheets are crisp and fresh. The mattress hugs and cradles you. Oh, and the temperature is just right! Ever ask yourself, “why are hotel beds SO comfortable?” If you want to find out and learn how to bring the comfort of a luxury suite into your bedroom, use these 5-star bedroom ideas to get you started!

1. Lay the right foundation.

Some popular hotel chains pride themselves on their signature mattresses, referring to them with trademarked names like the “Marriott Bed” or the “Westin Heavenly Bed.” But just because you don’t want to book a reservation at a big-name resort doesn’t mean that you can’t sleep like you’re on a tropical vacation.

For the ultimate hotel-like bed, you have to have the right foundation — a high-quality mattress set that’s just as plush (or as firm) as you like it. Explore euro top, pillow top, and memory foam mattresses from Rent-A-Center and enjoy rent-to-own mattress payment plans that won’t keep you up at night! Plus, Rent-A-Center mattresses include a free water-, dust mite-, and bed bug-resistant protector.

2. Stick to high-quality linens.

If you’re an interior designer at heart, sprucing up your bed linens is probably one of the most exciting parts about redecorating your bedroom. However, if you want that resort-like look, stay away from patterns and bright colors and opt for all-white linens instead. White bedding helps your space look bright, clean, and new — like a freshly-made hotel room. (Don’t be disappointed though, you can incorporate personality using textured and colorful and accent pillows, which we’ll cover below.)

Additionally, go for a high-thread count cotton sheet to get the soft, cool feel of cloud-like hotel sheets. Invest in a breathable comforter and top it with a linen or percale duvet cover that’s easy to wash and easier to fall in love with.

3. Get more pillows.

Pillows are kind of like shoes — it’s very hard to have too many of them! Plus, if you look through pictures of the grandest hotel rooms, you’ll notice that most of the beds feature at least four king- or jumbo-sized down pillows per side (and that’s without counting accent cushions).

Though many hotels have down or down alternative pillows, getting that particular material is not a hard-and-fast rule. Find pillows that are the right shape and thickness for your sleep position and preferences. Generally, back sleepers can benefit from lumbar pillows; side sleepers typically enjoy medium-to-firm pillows that are thick enough to help relieve pressure on their shoulders; and there are even pillows that have face cutouts (like massage tables) for those who doze on their stomach.

Buy two pillows of your preferred shape and firmness and another two pillows that match each other to keep your hotel bed looking sleek and symmetrical.

4. Keep it clutter-free.

One of the many things that makes a hotel stay so great is getting to enjoy a clutter-free room (even if it’s just for a day or two). However, unlike an all-inclusive resort, you probably don’t have unlimited storage options in your house to hide away all the extra stuff!

Instead of trying to make your home bigger, make better use of the space you already have with clever organization solutions. For example, a storage bedroom set from Ashley can help you make the most out of a small space. For mid-to-grand bedrooms, this glamorous 7-drawer dresser with a mirror is included in Ashley’s 6-pc Coralayne bedroom set.Ashley’s 6-pc Coralayne bedroom set

5. Make it cohesive.

Hotels are known for their classy and consistent style, which you can see and feel from the moment you walk into the lobby to the minute you close your room door behind you. Even without a professional designer by your side, you can still achieve a consistent style in your bedroom.

Start with a luxurious matching bedroom set — opt for one with an upholstered headboard for that 5-star look. Incorporate monochromatic wall art, accent mirrors, and modern geometrical pieces to help the room feel lighter, bigger, and more modern. Lastly, top the bed off with solid and patterned decorative pillows and a textured coverlet or faux fur blanket!

6. Stay flexible.

The best hotels would be nothing without world-class customer service that allows guests the flexibility and options they need to enjoy their stay. Even though you can’t have a concierge or butler at home, you can still get the flexibility and the furnishings you need delivered with Rent-A-Center.

Shop rent-to-own mattresses and luxurious bedroom sets with free, same-day delivery from your local Rent-A-Center. We’ll give you the essentials you need to design a hotel-like bedroom and the flexible, no-credit payment plans you need to own it on your terms.

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