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7 Tips for the Best Kids Sleepover

7 Tips for the Best Kids Sleepover

Three girls watching a movie in an indoor tent with popcornWhen you’re a kid, few things are better than gathering up your friends for a good, old-fashioned sleepover. And while this ultimate excuse for an all-night party may be fun for them, it might not be as fun for you — the adult planning the festivities! Between snacks, entertainment, noise control, and sleeping arrangements, your kid’s sleepover may leave you feeling ready for a slumber party for one! So, help your future 2 a.m. self out by using these seven tips for success to prepare for the best, stress-free kids sleepover.

1. Limit the guest list

Limiting the number of guests your kid has can greatly reduce the stress of the situation for you. And while you want your kid to have a great time with all of his or her friends, it’s more important that the number of friends invited feels manageable. Not only will it help you keep a better watch on everyone, it can also help the night go more smoothly for everyone!

2. Clean the house beforehand

This may seem counterproductive considering it will probably be a mess again in a few hours. But cleaning your house gives you a fresh start before the party gets going. That way, the kids aren’t making a mess on top of another mess. This is also a good time to stash any breakables and valuables you don’t want to see damaged during the sleepover.

3. Prep the food ahead of time

One of the best parts of a sleepover is the food! And when those kids inevitably get ravenous, you’ll be thanking yourself that you prepped everything ahead of time. Avoid the dreaded “Is it ready yet?” question by making some easy finger foods, like an easy little pizza appetizer, and setting them out buffet style.

4. Plan out some activities

Plan a few activities to help get everyone involved, such as a kids dance party, arts and crafts time, or a game of tag in the yard. Activity time can be a great way to help get everyone engaged, as well as burn some energy so everyone can get some sleep later. Just remember that not every kid will want to participate, so don’t take it personally if they choose to opt out of activity time. Remember, they’re here to have a great time. You’re simply facilitating it!

5. Pick out movies ahead of time

Before everyone arrives, pick out a few movies to have playing throughout the night. That way, you won’t hear any fighting over who wants to watch what. Have the movies playing while the kids hang out and do activities. That way, there is always something to hold their attention and save you from becoming the entertainer!

6. Have the sleeping arrangements planned out

Once the games have been played and the food has been consumed, you’ll probably have a group of exhausted kids on your hands. And with you probably being pretty tired yourself, it might not be the best time to start assigning sleeping spots. Avoid this situation by showing everyone where they’ll be sleeping when they arrive. It’s also your opportunity to keep everyone on the same level — in other words, you don’t have someone claiming the couch while everyone else sleeps on the floor.

If you find yourself hosting sleepovers often, consider upping your kid’s bedroom furniture game with a bunk bed or loft bed. The kids will be sleeping in comfort, and you’ll quickly gain the status of coolest parent ever.

7. Go with the flow

Perhaps the most important ingredient for sleepover success is to simply go with the flow! While planning ahead and having a schedule can help you stay sane during your kid’s sleepover, it could be a buzzkill for the kids. Sometimes, it’s best to simply let kids be kids. You may still have to step in and police things every now and then. But you may find that the night runs much smoother when you’re hands off.

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