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How to Decorate a Large Living Room for Less

How to Decorate a Large Living Room for Less

Brown Leather L-Shaped Sectional Couch in Large Living RoomLarge living rooms are great for big families and parties. There’s plenty of space for everyone to stretch out, play games, watch movies, and more. But decorating a large living room isn’t always fun, easy, or affordable. That’s where we come in! Check out our best tips for decorating a large living room on a budget.

1. Choose living room furniture that’s sized for your space.

When it comes to decorating your large living room, it’s vital that you use furniture that suits the scale of the area. Have you ever walked into a small bedroom and had no space to navigate around the bed because it was too big for the room? Annoying, right? The opposite is also true—an awkwardly small couch can get visually lost in a huge room. Your large living room deserves large furniture! This is your chance to go big and go home.

2. Swap your 3-seater couch for a sectional.

When you have a spacious living room, bigger is definitely better. Purchasing one large piece of furniture will ultimately save you from having to spend time and money redecorating later, so find living room furniture pieces that will truly compliment your space. Instead of a small couch, upgrade to a comfy L-shaped sectional that provides ample seating and makes the area feel comfortably full. A plush sectional sofa is one of the best ways to transform a large living room from cold to cozy.

3. Try a living room set for endless rearranging options.

If you’d rather have more freedom to rearrange your living room furniture on a whim (Saturday night feng shui, anyone?), opt for a coordinated living room set instead. Choosing an Ashley Furniture living room set means you can completely change the look of your living room in the short amount of time it takes to scoot the couch a few feet away—plus, rearranging is totally free!

4. Remember: small pieces can still have a big impact.

Already have a sofa or sectional that you love? Consider adding a new coffee table and end tables to your space. Pick out a coordinating lamp set to tie the room together and give your big space a warm glow. You might be surprised at how much difference these small—and inexpensive—pieces of furniture can make in the overall flow and feel of a large living room.

5. Arrange your furniture for optimal flow and function.

Thoughtful furniture placement is vital in any room, and it can truly make or break the look and feel of a large living room. You don’t have to be a designer to arrange your living room furniture like a pro—you just have to think about how you use the room. If you’re always looking for a place to set your drink while you’re on the couch, there’s no need for a pricey design overhaul. Simply add a new end table to elevate the look of your living room and provide the function you need.

6. Change up your decorative accessories.

Keep your budget in check by upgrading smaller decorative accessories. Freshening up a wall or open shelf with a new piece of artwork or adding simple DIY decorations are just a few easy ways to decorate your living room on a budget.

7. Create multiple seating areas.

With a large living room, you’ll likely have space for multiple seating areas. Arrange your living room furniture so that one seating area directly faces your big screen TV for optimal game day viewing and movie binging. Create another area away from the TV to allow for conversation, reading, or just a bit of separation between people. With a little careful thought, your large living room can serve multiple purposes for your family and friends.

Large Living Room, Small Budget: Decorate with Rent-A-Center

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