Poll: What Are You Grateful For?

Happy family of four

The Thanksgiving holiday is naturally when Americans reflect on their lives and express gratitude for all the good things they have. For some, there is nothing better than sitting around a table heaped with turkey and pies, surrounded by loving family members from near and far. For others, it’s a football tripleheader followed by a nap that really makes them feel right in the world.

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Thanksgiving Craft Ideas: Vegetable Turkeys


Here’s something to be grateful for: Thanksgiving craft ideas! Sitting through a long meal can be a challenge for little ones. Instead of cutting the adult conversation short, have them make vegetable turkeys after they finish their dinners.

Before Thanksgiving Day, gather your craft supplies and put them in a box under the table. Once the kids start asking to be excused from the table, hand over the box of supplies and a printout of the directions that follow, have them pick out a veggie, and let them get to work. Printable instructions can be downloaded here.

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Appetizer Ideas: Mini Cranberry Brie Turnovers


The holiday season is upon us, which means holiday parties! For a simple, make-ahead holiday appetizer that can easily travel with you as you go holiday party-hopping, look no further than buttery, flaky mini cranberry brie turnovers.

These turnovers can be baked in advance and served room temperature or reheated in the microwave or oven at your destination. And don’t be intimidated by the brie — it might sound fancy, but it’s easy to work with and tastes great with the berries.

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Easy Ideas for Thanksgiving Decorations

Fall Table1_620

It doesn’t take a lot of money to set an amazing holiday table. If you’re looking for easy but beautiful Thanksgiving decorations, look no further. We have five easy DIY ideas that will help you make a great impression on your guests before the food is ever served.

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