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Poll: What Is Your Favorite Classic Thanksgiving Dish?

Poll: What Is Your Favorite Classic Thanksgiving Dish?

On your marks! Get your grandma’s dinner plates set! GOBBLE! Thanksgiving is a yearly celebration of the blessings in our lives. We’re grateful for family, friends, rent-to-own furniture, and FOOD! If you’re a food-loving feaster like us, you probably love all the entrees, side dishes, and desserts but, let’s be honest, we all have favorites. Which one is yours?

  • Turkey, duh!:
    Fried, smoked, or baked! All turkeys are great. Whether your team white or dark meat, if you love turkey best–make your voice heard!
  • Stuffing:
    One of the more underrated contenders on this list, stuffing can be prepared in many ways and for a myriad of dietary preferences. It’s versatile, savory, and synonymous with filling (for good reason). If you love to stuff yourself with stuffing, pick this option.
  • Brown sugar-glazed sweet potatoes with marshmallows:
    Is this dessert? Or is it a side dish? Is side dessert even a thing? Sound off to the left if you can’t get enough of this broiled sugar casserole.
  • Homemade cranberry sauce:
    Do you prefer the homemade stuff? Do you favor it over everything else on the Thanksgiving dinner table? If the answer is yes, make your opinion count by voting this choice.
  • Canned cranberry sauce:
    Feel the tension in the air? Must be feeling the heat coming from team homemade cranberry sauce! If your favorite dish on the Thanksgiving menu is this sliceable, jelly-like sauce–click the button on your left to reveal which cranberry sauce has more votes.
  • Mashed potatoes–with or without a plop of gravy!:
    Creamy, garlicky, buttery, or all of the above. Pick this option if mashed taters are what you love.
  • Pumpkin pie:
    If you look forward to pumpkin spiced everything season, this rich, creamy pie might be your top pick.
  • Apple pie:
    It’s easy, it’s sweet, it’s got fruit in it. What else could you want? Oh–that’s right–maybe a scoop of vanilla ice cream? A la mode or not, pick this option if apple pie is your Thanksgiving favorite.
  • Pecan pie:
    Whoever thought about baking candied pecans should have a national holiday in their name. If you agree with that statement, pick this option by clicking to your left.

    What is your favorite classic Thanksgiving dish?

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