New or Like New: Both Options Are Winners at RAC

Styled living room with two sofas

People love to shop at RAC for the breadth of available products, flexible payments, and the option to purchase brand new or like new items. RAC is all about choice, which means you can pick what works best for your situation.

To help make the most of your shopping experience, here are five things to know when you rent to own at RAC.

We’re all about big brands and small payments.
RAC has the big brands you want — like Samsung, Whirlpool, and Ashley Furniture — available for the small payments you prefer. And when you get previously rented products, you also enjoy significant savings. Most of the previously rented items are available at lower rates, as compared to new items.

We mean it when we say “like new.”
Every previously rented product is inspected through RAC’s quality assurance process, which includes restoration, cleaning, and repairs. All furniture is professionally cleaned to remove stains and scratches. Computers, electronics, and smartphones are returned to the factory reset mode. Remote controls are also cleaned and repaired.

Upgrades and Payment Freeze Assurance are part of the deal.
Whether you’re shopping for brand new items or those that have been previously rented, you can upgrade at any time during your lease term. You can also stop or freeze your payments if you need to.

Product service is a sure thing, too.
Should your new or like new item need service or a repair, just let us know, and we’ll resolve the issue quickly. We also provide loaners when needed.

In the end, it’s all about your peace of mind.
RAC provides flexible payment options for all products, including those that have been previously rented. Pick the best way to pay based on your budget.

At RAC, the great product lineup features the brands you want at affordable payments. From furniture and appliances to electronics, computers, and smartphones, enjoy the benefits of shopping at RAC. Visit your nearest RAC store, or shop online today!