Get Peace of Mind with Payment Freeze Assurance

Payment Freeze Assurance

Life happens. Sometimes you have an unexpected expense or find you need to conserve funds for a while. When situations like this pop up, Rent-A-Center has your back. With Payment Freeze Assurance, you can pause your payments if and when you need to. Try that with a credit card company!

How It Works

Payment Freeze Assurance is a part of RAC’s Worry-Free Guarantee, our promise to do whatever we can to ensure you have the products you need without layaway or expensive interest. Payment Freeze Assurance guarantees that you can stop your payments at any time during your lease agreement. Simply return the item and pause your payments – then when you’re ready, you can either get it back or purchase a comparable item. As for the money you’ve already paid toward the item, it stays put. Those funds will still apply to the purchase price, even if you choose to upgrade to a newer or different item. At RAC, you’re never locked into a long-term commitment, and you never accrue debt because you can stop paying at any time.

You’re In Control

RAC offers Payment Freeze Assurance for one reason: to give you the ability to choose your purchases. Whether you’re shopping for furniture, computers, electronics  appliances or smartphones, we provide an easy, hassle-free way for you to have everything you need. There’s no long, grueling approval process, and you don’t need credit to shop. Enjoying that sofa, HDTV, refrigerator, laptop or smartphone starts with a quick online application. Then bring the approval confirmation to the nearest store, complete your paperwork, and select your purchases.  

Payment Freeze Assurance is just one more reason why people love to shop at Rent-A-Center. So don’t worry if you need a payment break — we’re here for you. Shop credit-free, stress-free, and with payment protection. That’s the peace of mind you’ll only find at Rent-A-Center.