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Holiday Party Ideas for People on a Budget

Holiday Party Ideas for People on a Budget

Between the food and the décor, entertaining can be costly without a plan. Rent-A-Center offers four holiday party ideas for people on a budget.

Scout for Sales
Sales are everywhere this time of year. They start before Thanksgiving and roll on till after the New Year — so whatever you’re in need of, you’ll probably find it if you spend the time to shop around. Start with grocery store circulars for savings on food. When you enter a crafts supply store, there’s usually a paper with discounts listed at the door. And online sales can save you big — if you have the patience to look around.

Get Creative with Decorations
Holiday decorations are just as festive — and more meaningful — if they’re homemade. Rather than purchase pricey seasonal decor from a store, create your own floral arrangements, ornaments, centerpieces, wreaths, and more. Bonus: Handmade items saved and reused year after year bring back fond memories of holiday seasons past.

Enlist More Cooks
As the host of a gathering, you will likely be asked by your guests what they can bring to the party. Delegate! Ask friends and family to contribute side dishes, snacks, desserts and drinks. Not only does this take the pressure off of you, but it also helps keep your costs down. If your gathering is more of a structured meal instead of a potluck or a cocktail party, it’s perfectly acceptable to designate specific dishes to certain people.

Borrow, Don’t Buy
This applies to everything from dishware to furniture. If you don’t have the exact right platter you need for a large turkey, chances are good that one of your friends or neighbors has an extra. Just ask. If you’ve got more guests than your dining room table can handle, see if you can’t get a folding table as a loaner from a friend or an organization you are involved with. And then you can ask guests to bring a chair.

Put these tricks to use and relax. The most important thing about the holidays is spending time with the friends and family we share warm feelings with — not how much you spend on a party.

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