RAC Makes a Difference With College Scholarships

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Rent-A-Center’s Make a Difference scholarships help students and their families offset the rising costs of attending college. We have long understood the impact a college education has on developing a diverse and well-qualified workforce, and applications for scholarships for the 2015-16 school term are being accepted now.

The High Cost of College
College tuition at both private and public schools is increasing fast. According to The College Board, the average cost of tuition and fees for the 2014-15 school year was approximately $31,000 at private colleges, $9,000 for state residents at public colleges, and almost $23,000 for out-of-state residents attending public universities.

The average cost for books and supplies that same year was $1,000-$1,200. And costs for things like transportation, clothing, personal items, entertainment, and more add another $2,000-$3,000 to the bill. For many students, these numbers are simply out of reach.

Supporting Higher Education
That’s where the Make a Difference scholarship program comes in. Since 2005, RAC has granted $610,000 in scholarship money in the communities it serves. By providing 60 $1,000 scholarships each year to Rent-A-Center customers, their children, and the children of Rent-A-Center employees, we are equipping tomorrow’s leaders.

Apply Today
Scholarship applications for students pursuing their first undergraduate degrees at accredited two- or four-year colleges, universities, vocational schools, or technical schools in the United States or Puerto Rico are being accepted now through noon, February 1. For more information and to apply online, go to scholarshipamerica.org.