Impress Your Guests with DIY Christmas Decor Ideas

Christmas DIY Projects

Making memories is one of the great things about the holiday season. Making decorations is another. Create a handcrafted winter wonderland with our DIY Christmas decorating ideas, including homemade ornaments, tabletop trees, and a marshmallow wreath.


Marble Polish Ornaments

Plain glass ornaments get a major makeover with some strategically swirled nail polish. See the steps.


3 Tabletop Trees

These trees, made with painted craft cones, are so versatile. Covered with felt or glitter and pearls, or filled with lights, they’ll add a soft, pretty accent to any room. See the steps.

Paper Ornaments-Thumb

Paper Diamond Ornaments

This project takes a little time and patience, but we promise the end result — beautiful origami-style gems for your tree — is worth it. See the steps.

Marshmallow Wreath

Add a sweet touch to your holiday décor with a wreath made of fluffy marshmallows that’s too pretty to eat. See the steps.