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How to Choose the Right Accent Chair for Any Room in Your Home

How to Choose the Right Accent Chair for Any Room in Your Home

Accent chairs can offer added personality, pops of color, and additional seating options in nearly any space. They’re a functional way to inject a bit of personality into your home. Learn how to choose an accent chair for any room in your home with this comfy guide.

Consider the function and purpose of the accent chair.

Before you start chair shopping, think long and hard about why you’re adding an accent chair to your living space. Does the room feel drab and in need of a vibrant pop of color? Do you desperately need more seating options for frequent guests? Or maybe you want a small accent chair for your entryway — perfect for perching on while lacing up your shoes.

Keep the purpose of the chair in mind as you start narrowing down your options. If you’ll be sitting in it daily, comfort is paramount. You can prioritize aesthetics over comfort if it’s more about style than function.

In short, an accent chair used as a décor piece, an accent chair used for frequent lounging, and an accent chair used for extra seating at dinner serve very different purposes. Their design, fabric, and features will vary accordingly.

Determine how much space you have to work with.

Your accent chair may look strange and out of place if it’s too small. If it’s too big, it might look clunky and overpowering. Choosing an accent chair that is just right is key.

Measure the space where you’ll put the chair and ensure there is adequate room for navigating around it. (Keep in mind that the chair will take up more space when someone is actually sitting in it!) Measure the height of the rest of the furniture in the room, like the coffee table, sofa, and side tables, to ensure that the chair isn’t noticeably taller or shorter than the rest.

Figure out what chair design fits into your space stylistically.

Choosing a design style for your accent chair might feel like an intimidating step. But you don’t have to be a professional interior designer or creative genius to determine which type of accent chair will work well in your space.

Is the room moody and traditional, filled with wooden vintage pieces you’ve carefully curated over the years? Or is your space a dreamy bohemian paradise with bright colors and lively houseplants? Of course, these two types of rooms call for vastly different accent chairs!

Selecting the right accent chair option will be a breeze if you stick to the general ambiance of your home’s current design style.

Choose a pattern or color that complements your existing color scheme.

Accent chairs are often seen as an opportunity to use bright colors and bold patterns – but that doesn’t mean anything you choose will work well. Consider the other colors in the room, and make sure your chosen accent chair doesn’t clash. Here are a few tips for getting started:

  • Play with shapes: If you’re looking for a chair that blends in beautifully with the rest of your room, consider a neutral color that matches your existing décor and furniture. Instead of playing with colors and patterns, you can have fun with the design and shape of your chair.
  • Match patterns: Create a cohesive look by picking a pattern that incorporates the other colors of the room. For example, a patterned accent chair that features the color of your focal sectional or sofa could blend perfectly.
  • Go Bold: If the room is currently neutral, choose an accent chair with a bold pop of color or pattern to create a focal point and transform the entire room.

Select a fabric based on the function of your chair.

Choosing the appropriate fabric for your accent chair is just as important as selecting the color and style. Some materials, like leather and wood, are ideal for high-traffic areas. If your accent chair isn’t going to be sat in often, you can select a more delicate or visually appealing option, like a velvet or tufted piece.

Consider stain and pet hair-resistant fabrics if you’ve got a house full of kids or pets. And if your accent chair is going to be in the kitchen or at the dining table, you’d be wise to choose a fabric that can be wiped down easily instead of one with a deep seat and delicate fabric.

There are several things to consider when choosing the right accent chair for a room. However, when you’ve found that perfect chair in the right size, shape, style, color, and fabric, it can serve as the crown jewel of the entire room. Find modern armchairs and accent chairs for your space at your local Rent-A-Center. Shop online for faux leather chairs, tufted accent chairs, and more. You can even get your new chair delivered as soon as today!

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