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Should I Get a Sectional or Two Sofas?

Should I Get a Sectional or Two Sofas?

You’ve measured your living room. You’ve flipped through all the home decor magazines. You’ve added couch after couch to your Pinterest board of ideas!  But you still can’t decide on which is best for your living room: a sectional or two sofas? Or maybe a loveseat and a sofa? This guide can help you decide the best solution for you based on your room size, your family’s needs, and your style.

Sectional or Sofa for Small Living Room

When deciding between a sectional or sofa for small living room spaces, consider whether you’ll position the furniture against the walls on multiple sides. A sizable sectional floating in the middle of a small living room can make the space feel closed in, while a sectional in the corner of the room can maximize seating without getting in the way. Where do you need your couch to go in relation to the TV, doorways, or other permanent features?

Of course, you’ll want to consider the scale of any sectional or sofa for your living room. If your room is small, opt for a low-profile sectional with a chaise lounge section, like the Venaldi Sofa Chaise. If you’re working with a super small space, the chaise section can serve as a footrest or a spot to set your drink on a tray, eliminating the need for a coffee table or ottoman. 

Sectional or Sofa for Large Living Room

For a larger living room, you’ll likely have space to use a larger sectional to define different sections of the room. Part of your sectional can be in the middle of the room to create a barrier (for example, to create some separation between your open concept living and dining areas). You can get the same effect with two sofas, but you’ll sacrifice corner seating with two sofas rather than a sectional. In that case, use your extra space to your advantage with reclining furniture, like the Vacherie Reclining Sofa and Loveseat.

Regardless of room size, you’ll want to consider layout and traffic patterns, too. Think about where you and your family tend to walk as you navigate through your house. A chaise sectional piece might block your path in and out of the room, but a sofa and loveseat with a gap in between could be a perfect solution. 

Think About Function and Feel

Your furniture can set the tone in your space, so when deciding between a sectional or two sofas, you’ll want to think about how you want the room to feel to all who use it. Do you entertain guests frequently? Do you and your family eat in the living room and need side tables where you can set your drinks while you read or relax?

In general, a sectional is more casual and allows people to sit closer together. A large, comfy sectional like the Ballinasloe 3-Piece Sectional is excellent if your family likes to plop down on the couch together, but this cozy configuration may feel awkward for houseguests. Plus, a sectional leaves less room for a coffee or side table for lamps and drinks. 

In contrast, an arrangement with two sofas (or a sofa and loveseat) creates a more formal feel and gives guests space to spread out while still encouraging conversation. You can place a round or rectangular coffee table in the middle of your two sofas, or you can opt for one side table between the corners for a more open layout. 

Map It Out to Help Visualize

If you’re still not sure whether to get a sectional or two sofas for your living room, it’s time to make a real-life mockup! Look up the dimensions of the sectional or sofa and loveseat set you have your eye on, then use painter’s tape on the floor of your living room to see how the furniture size and layout will feel. Here are different configurations to consider (along with examples so you can find dimensions!):


Consider a 3-piece sectional like the Benchcraft Graftin Teak sectional for a large room, or base your measurements on a smaller sectional like the Venaldi Sofa Chaise for tight spaces. 

Sofa and Loveseat

Check out a simple sofa and loveseat set, like our Signature Design by Ashley Altari-Slate set, to get a good idea of how a sofa and loveseat combo would feel in your living room.

Two Sofas

Browse Rent-A-Center’s selection of name-brand sofas to find one you like. Then, use the measurements specified on our website to see if two of them will work in your living room.

Choosing the Right Color Sofa or Sectional for Your Living Room

Your home shouldn’t just be functional. It should be beautiful, too! Your couch makes a statement in your living room, so choosing a sofa color that works is vital. Once you’ve decided on a sofa, sectional, or sofa and loveseat configuration for your living room, consult our guide to choosing a couch color and let your inner interior decorator run wild.

To complete your living room, add complementary pieces like accent chairs, rugs, and lamps. With Rent-A-Center, you can enjoy a new look without high upfront costs! Plus, Rent-A-Center’s website lets you complete the entire order process online, from starting your order to signing your agreement and checking out. 

Rent-A-Center Makes It Easy to Get a Sectional Or Two Sofas (Or Both!)

Are you having a hard time deciding between a sectional or two sofas? Don’t worry about being locked into one option! Rent-A-Center offers you the flexibility you want at a price you’ll love. Our rent-to-own plans let you choose one layout today and upgrade to different furniture later if you change your mind. Whatever you decide, turn to your local Rent-A-Center for an easy, no-hassle online ordering process and flexible payment plans that suit your lifestyle. 


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