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Do I Need a New Washing Machine? Here’s How to Tell

Do I Need a New Washing Machine? Here’s How to Tell

Some signs it’s time to say goodbye to your washer are obvious. Maybe every cycle leaves a puddle of water behind, or obnoxious banging is driving you up the wall. Other times, knowing when to replace your washing machine can be difficult, like when there’s a weird smell that just won’t go away. Learn how to tell it’s time to get a new washing machine, and one of the easiest ways to do it with Rent-A-Center. 

Your Washing Machine Rattles and Moves

Your washer can’t grow legs, but it can “walk.” If you take your laundry out of the machine and notice it’s sitting a few inches away from its usual spot, you’ll likely need a replacement soon. This might be a sign your washer isn’t level or has balance issues, which can later lead to more damage — like leaking. 

Along with walking comes noise. While some noise is to be expected, excessive banging and rattling can mean there’s a big issue with your washer. Sometimes this can be fixed by rearranging clothes or ensuring your washer is on a level surface, but if quick fixes don’t work, you may need a new one.

Your Washer Leaks

Leaks are one of the most obvious signs your washer is on the fritz. A leaking washing machine is usually caused by issues with the hoses, valves, or drain pump. However, a faulty door latch, overloaded machine, or broken seal could also be the culprit. Depending on the cause, a leaky washer can be relatively easy and affordable to fix. But some problems, like high repair costs, might make purchasing a new washer the better option.

There’s a Funky Smell You Can’t Get Rid Of

Does your washer have a certain funk to it? Mold and mildew are likely behind it. With a few appliance cleaning tips, you might be able to banish the odor, but sometimes even the deepest of spring cleanings won’t work. If that mildew smell refuses to go away, your best bet is a new washer. 

Repair Costs are Getting Too Expensive

Leaky, noisy, and broken washers can often be fixed, but repair costs add up, especially as time goes on. At some point, you have to sit down and do the math. Figure out if the total cost of constant repairs is less than just getting a whole new machine. Plus, if your washer is getting up there in age, you can save money by replacing it now. Why continue to pay for costly repairs when you’ll need a new washer soon anyway?

You Want Something More Energy-Efficient

Older washers can use a ton of energy. Many newer models come with designs that use less water and less energy to help you save big on your utility bills every month. When comparing top load and front load washers, it’s important to note that a front-load will usually come with bigger savings. If you prefer top load washing machines, though, you still have options. Impeller and agitator washers are top loading, and they are found in high-efficiency models that save energy and water. 

You’re Tired of Outdated Technology and Features

Washers generally last around ten years, and technology can advance a lot in that time. As your family grows and needs change, you might be looking to upgrade to a washer with newer tech and features like the Whirlpool Laundry, Premium Pair Top Load & Good Laundry machines. Some must-have washing machine features to keep an eye out for include auto-sensing, sanitization cycles, and deep rinse options.

Rent-to-Own Your Next Washer with Rent-A-Center

Need a new washer but worried about the cost? Get big brand-name appliances without a big price tag. Rent-A-Center offers flexible payments on brand new washing machines, pre-approvals for up to $3,000 in merchandise, and free same-day delivery and setup!* And on the off chance something does go wrong with your washer, we’ll repair or replace it at no cost to you. Shop new washers online or in-store today.


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