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6 Must-Have Washing Machine Features That’ll Change Your Laundry Life

6 Must-Have Washing Machine Features That’ll Change Your Laundry Life

Father and child unloading dryer.Is your old washer doing a number on your beautiful clothes? Although high-quality washing machines are meant to last a long time, an outdated washer may lack the settings you need to properly launder your favorite workout gear and delicate shirts.

If you’re in the market for a new washer, ensure you’re getting one that has all the features and settings you and your family need. Learn about some of the latest-and-greatest washing machine features to make sure you don’t miss out!

PowerWash Technology

Like the name implies, PowerWash technology delivers a one-two punch to the most intimidating stains with heated water, aggressive, concentrated cleaning, and high spin speeds. Stubborn stains and crusted-on spills have met their match with this Maytag feature.

The PowerWash cycle will leave your most soiled clothing looking and smelling as fresh as the day you got them in a single wash, while the machine’s PowerWash agitator can give a deep clean to loads of all sizes.

Deep Water Wash

When you’ve got a hamper full of extra dirty clothing, you may need to wash it with a little extra water. The Deep Water Wash cycle on Maytag top load washers provides just that, using additional water and a vigorous wash action to tackle big messes. This feature works best with casual clothing and more “sturdy” fabrics, like denim and towels. Plus, it’s a great feature to have on your side when you’re dealing with stubborn stains like coffee or wine!


Whether you’re trying to conserve water to save the planet, to lower your water bill, or to ensure your clothes get a concentrated clean (or all of the above!), the auto-sensing feature will be your new best friend. With this feature, the washing machine will sense the size (and griminess) of the load and slowly add the precise amount of water needed for an efficient and superior clean. Why concern yourself with details like water level? Let your machine do it all for you.

Deep Rinse Options

Did you know: excess detergent residue left on clothes after washing can potentially cause staining on fabrics and even skin irritation! The Deep Rinse feature helps eliminate any excess detergent or fabric softener being left on your laundry, ensuring your clothes come out both stain-free and soap-free. This Maytag top-load washer has not one, not two, but four Deep Rinse Options to choose from.

Load & Go XL Dispenser

Even if you’re lucky enough to love your washing machine, no one wants to spend an extra minute doing laundry. (This is especially true if you’ve got a busy family, and the laundry seemingly never stops!) With Whirlpool’s Load & Go XL Dispenser, you can load up the detergent for several loads at once, saving you the work of measuring and filling with every load.

Steam Clean & Sanitization Cycles

Spent the weekend sick in bed with a stomach bug? Just finished an intense cardio boot camp at the gym? When you’re dealing with germy bedding or ultra sweaty clothes, a regular rinse just won’t cut it. According to Whirlpool, a steam clean cycle adds a steam boost for deep cleaning, while the sanitize cycle uses hot water to get rid of 99.9% of three common types of household bacteria.

Pro tip: When you aren’t laundering a supremely sweaty or dramatically dirty load, using cooler water can actually keep colors from fading.

Goodbye, old sweat stains – hello, pristine, lovely-smelling laundry! With a new washing machine, your entire wardrobe can feel new, too! Score a new Maytag washer at a low price with low payments from your local Rent-A-Center. With free delivery and no-credit needed*, nothing stands between you and clean clothes.

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