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Why We Do What We Do: A Mother and Grandmother Takes Care of Her Family

Our customers inspire us! They’re the reason we work hard to provide quality furniture at affordable and flexible payments. Victoria is one of our customers in Arizona. She went the rent-to-own route to furnish her home and created an environment for peace, quiet, and family bonding. Victoria is a mom and a grandmother. Watch her story! 

Video Transcription:

Real People. Real Stories. Real Life.

Take one. How about that?

That is so cute, oh my gosh!

I’m Victoria Walker, I am 48 years young. I’ve been with my husband for 13 years and I live in Maricopa, Arizona.

This is um, one of my favorite places. I love my kitchen. I love everything about it. Actually, I always loved the stainless steel refrigerator. I always wanted to have one of those with the water and the ice. I guess growing up I really didn’t have the luxury of having that, you know, growing up. So, it’s a blessing to have that.

My father taught me a lot of things. How to be respectful and not take advantage of people. I think respect is important for me to teach my children. So that getting older and when they have their family how important it is because that’ll take you a long way.

I have a 16-year-old, a 21-year-old, and a 2-year-old grandbaby. I know it’s a new generation coming up so I want them to kinda, it may be old school but just be very respectful and kind to other people

Cornmeal oh yeah! I make my famous cornbread cause I put creamed corn in it. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried that before, but you make the cornbread and you put some creamed corn–oh my goodness.

My sons, they’ve always been in sports and so they’ve always been very hungry so I am always making things for them you know. I have so many of their friends come over all the time. I will cook for them, they watch TV, play games, they love it.

I want people to just be, you know, feel free to come and just sit. A lot of times, people come in, and they fall asleep. You know, which is good, you know, it lets me know I’m doing something right, I guess.

I definitely try to be a bargain shopper. I don’t have the means to buy a lot or pay for something that costs a lot. I just take the time to find something nice that’s inexpensive.

At the time, I really didn’t have any furniture we were in a new place and we needed some furniture and I wanted a sectional. We really didn’t have the funds to really pay for it, or we did not have the credit card or the credit to purchase it. My family loves the sectional. This is that place where we all gather together we have family movies together. It always allows me to invite people in, and we are all close, you know, share, sit on the couch together.

I don’t like to borrow money if I don’t have to. I really like to provide for myself if we have it. If it’s something that we really need, then I have to humble myself and put aside the pride and do that.

You know, we eventually paid it off after a couple of years. We were trying to pay it off sooner but it seems like things happen and we just weren’t able to.

We have a lot of challenges and I think that’s part of life and I think that’s one thing about teaching my children that you’re going to have those challenges. And you just have to work through them the best you know how. ANd not to give up.

I just wanna be someone that will be able to take care of certain things. I am not here to save the day, but I guess I by golly try. You know? Ha ha ha

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