How RAC Makes Used TVs Like New


One of the benefits of RAC is the option to upgrade at any time. Another is the option to return an item when you no longer want it. So what happens to all those gently used TVs, gaming systems, and audio systems

We restore them to like-new condition and re-rent or sell them. An alternative to a new TV, previously rented electronics are offered at a lower price than new ones, and their like-new condition means they can be a great deal for you.

Of course, we make sure that a TV, gaming system, or audio system works perfectly before it’s returned to the sales floor. Beyond that, there are steps Rent-A-Center takes to ensure that every device is up to par.

First, if a television or gaming system has a lock code, the customer who returns the item will be asked to remove it so the code can be erased from the device. Next, since smart television sets and gaming systems often store a previous owner’s network information and preferred settings, items are cleared by a trained Rent-A-Center associate, who deletes data on the hard drive and restores factory settings.

Rent-A-Center checks any accessories, remotes, and hardware to ensure they’re in good working condition. We clean electronics housing to remove dust and fingerprints. We use a soft cloth to remove smudges, and repair nicks or scratches in the housing with appliance paint. Taking care to avoid the ventilation system, we wipe each unit and let it dry before careful storage.

Electronics are either stored in their original boxes or double-wrapped for protection. Any system with a battery-operated controller is fully charged and stored with the battery removed.

Used electronics for rent or purchase vary by RAC store, and what’s available today may not be available tomorrow.