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How Rent-A-Center Makes Used Appliances Like New

How Rent-A-Center Makes Used Appliances Like New

RAC refurbishes appliances like new

Did you know that at Rent-A-Center you have the option to purchase or rent gently used appliances? An alternative to new appliances, previously rented appliances are offered at a lower price than new appliances, and their like-new condition means they can be a great deal for you.

Of course, we ensure that all appliances returned to the sales floor are in good working order. Beyond that, here’s how Rent-A-Center restores appliances so that you’re getting a used range, washer, dryer, or refrigerator that meets our standards—and yours.

All ranges are inspected for missing racks, cracked glass, or loose control knobs. Ranges are thoroughly cleaned inside and out. Scratches or dings in the finish are touched up.

With refrigerators and freezers, dust is removed from under the kick plate, drawers are scrubbed clean and dried, and all interiors and exteriors are wiped down to remove any trace of grime. Any refrigerator with a lingering smell is also cleaned with baking soda or lined with dryer sheets to return it to freshness.

Washers and Dryers
When a washer is returned to us, soap, bleach, and fabric softener dispensers are scrubbed and rinsed to get rid of any residue. Any scent of mildew is removed with hot water and white vinegar. Dryers are vacuumed and washed; all traces of lint are removed from filters. Hints of crayon, ink, or dye are removed with spray cleaner or by running the dryer on a high setting with a few old towels.

Used appliances for rent or purchase vary by Rent-A-Center store, and what’s available today may not be available tomorrow.

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