How RAC Makes Used Smartphones Like New



One great benefit of RAC is the option to upgrade your smartphone at any time. When we get a newer model that makes your heart race, you can return your old model and take home the object of your affection. So what happens to all the used smartphones people return? 

We restore them to like-new condition and re-rent or sell them. An alternative to a new smartphone, previously rented phones are offered at a lower price than new ones, and their like-new condition means they can be a great deal for you.

Because smartphones hold images, phone numbers, and text messages—sensitive, private information—Rent-A-Center takes careful precautions to make sure that every used smartphone is wiped clear before it goes to another customer. 

After someone returns a phone to one of our locations, a trained associate completes a memory erase and factory restore process. No previously rented smartphone is ever logged onto by store employees.

After restoration takes place, the device is wiped with an electronics-safe solution to remove dirt, dust, fingerprints, and smudges.

Used smartphones for rent or purchase vary by RAC store, and what’s available today may not be available tomorrow.