How RAC Makes Used Furniture Like New


Did you know that at Rent-A-Center you have the option to rent or purchase gently used furniture? An alternative to new furniture, previously rented sofas, dining tables, beds, and more are offered at a lower price than new ones, and their like-new condition means they can be a great deal for you.

Bedroom set or living room group, upholstered or wood—each used piece we offer is restored by a trained member of our staff to like-new condition. How? We’re glad you asked.

All furniture items returned to RAC are inspected and thoroughly cleaned with cleaners appropriate to the material type. We make sure all knobs, handles, bolts, rails, and other hardware are intact.

Upholstered pieces are brushed and vacuumed. We spot clean if necessary. Small holes are repaired and loose threads are removed. Scratches on vinyl, plastic, and leather are touched up.

On wood pieces, scratches and nicks are treated with markers or filler until they are virtually invisible. Deep scratches are filled and blended to matching the surrounding wood before furniture is deep cleaned or polished with furniture polish to restore a natural glow.

Mattresses are cleaned according to state regulations, and a visual inspection ensures there are no bedbugs.

Used furniture for rent or purchase varies by RAC store, and what’s available today may not be available tomorrow.