How RAC Makes Used Laptops and Desktop Computers Like New

Computers are important tools for daily life. Did you know that at RAC you have the option to purchase or rent previously rented laptops, desktop computers, and tablets? An alternative to new devices, used goods are offered at a lower price than new ones, and their like-new condition means they can be a great deal for you.

Of course, we ensure that all computers returned to the sales floor are in good working order. Beyond that, Rent-A-Center erases all files and restores factory settings, so that subsequent users don’t have access to a previous user’s personal information. Here’s how we do that.

When any electronic item with a hard drive (whether desktop, laptop, or tablet) is returned to us, a trained associate completes a memory erase/memory restore process. Because it’s crucial that all our customers’ private information stays private, every computer is restored to its default settings when it is returned. No Rent-A-Center employee will ever log onto a returned desktop, laptop, or tablet before that happens, and no device that was previously used by a customer will be linked to our company or store system.

After restoration takes place, a device is turned off and unplugged, and then it is wiped with an electronics-safe solution to remove dirt, dust, fingerprints, and smudges. Batteries are charged and removed before the device is stored in the original box or double wrapped for protection.

Used computers for rent or purchase vary by RAC store, and what’s available today may not be available tomorrow.