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Maximizing Minimal Space: Tips for Tackling Your Tiny Closet Conundrum

Maximizing Minimal Space: Tips for Tackling Your Tiny Closet Conundrum

There are certainly perks to living in a small home: less to clean, easier maintenance, and cozy living. But there can be one major drawback: organizing a small house with no storage can seem nearly impossible. Fear not. Rent-A-Center is here to help you make the most of your small closets on a budget — and maximize your storage even if you have zero closet space.

How to Make a Small Closet Bigger: Storage Solutions for Clothes & Shoes

Okay, maybe you can’t blow out the walls to actually make a closet bigger. But you can use every inch of space to make your closet feel bigger. Here’s how to organize a small space with lots of stuff: bedroom closet edition!

1. Declutter first.

You’ve shoved so many things into your closet that you might not even know what’s in there! No judgment here — we all do it. But anyone who lives in a small house knows one thing for sure: you can’t afford to use your valuable storage space for stuff you don’t actually need. Spend a day decluttering your closet so you’ll only have to find places for the things you truly want to keep.

2. Learn when to hang vs. fold.

Not sure how to store sweaters in a small closet? What about jeans and other bulky pieces of clothing? These items eat up more hanging space than, say, a t-shirt or blouse. In most cases, it’s more efficient to fold them. Plus, folding clothes allows you to put items into baskets or storage bins. And if you choose bins with lids, you’ll gain even more space since they’re stackable.

3. Use creative ideas to organize shoes in a small closet.

When you need more space, always go UP! Make use of empty wall space or the back of a closet door when you use a vertical shoe rack or organizing solution. Small wire baskets mounted to the back of a door can easily hold multiple pairs of ballet flats (or purses and scarves, if you choose), or you can use a tall and narrow bookcase with baskets or bins for accessories. If needed, tuck a small folding step stool in your closet to easily reach everything. The sky — or, you know, the ceiling— is the limit!

4. Open the door to new storage solutions.

You’ve decluttered. You’ve used your vertical space. Your closet floor space is maximized. And yet, you still have things that won’t fit in your closet (not neatly, anyway). What to do when all your small space organizing still isn’t enough? Think outside the closet! Consider upgrading to a bed frame with built-in storage, or add a small dresser to your room that offers you sock storage, a place to display jewelry, AND a TV stand. With careful planning, even the smallest bedrooms can be organized on a budget!

Small Coat Closet Ideas

You’ve tried to organize your coat closet, but it always seems to end up in chaos again. Use these tips to create a tidy landing zone for your family and guests alike — closet or no closet.

1. Bring in extra shelves (inside or out!).

One rod and one small shelf in a coat closet won’t cut it when you want to stay organized! If your coat closet is maxed out, add a console table or bookshelf with doors in your unused dining room space or foyer. Hide hats, gloves, and extra accessories in plain sight.

2. Create a sitting spot.

Maybe your coat closet is tiny or nonexistent, but you have a long hallway near your entryway. Hang coat hooks and place a storage bench there for shoes. Give family members their own basket or bin for footwear and accessories.

3. Add a floor rack or baskets for shoe storage.

If you have open floor space in your entry closet or coat closet, it can be easy to toss shoes there without a second thought. Instead, create an easy place to store them using a small shoe rack or floor basket. These solutions easily slide in underneath hanging items, keeping the closet floor from becoming a dumping ground.

How to Organize A Small Space with Lots of Stuff: Odds and Ends

If you’re lucky enough to have a linen closet or extra small storage closet in your home, use these tips to multiply your storage space there, too! If you don’t, it’s time to get creative and conquer clutter once and for all.

For linens, add a wall-mounted cabinet in the bathroom or make use of built-in storage under a guest bed. Ready to corral kids’ toys? Hang a curtain in a corner of your little one’s bedroom to create a closet where there isn’t one (it can double as a cool play nook, too!). In the living room, an upgraded entertainment center can easily house overflow items that don’t fit anywhere else.

How to Organize a Small House with No Storage

Here’s the thing: while it might seem strange to store linens in the living room, at the end of the day your storage needs to work for YOU! That includes function, aesthetic, AND lifestyle. No matter the size of your home or your budget, you deserve storage that looks good and keeps your family organized.

With Rent-A-Center’s flexible payment options, you can find storage solutions that fit your budget and your small space! Shop your local Rent-A-Center today and get everything you need for an organized home — on your terms.

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