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BREAKfast! What to Do When Your Stovetop Cracks

BREAKfast! What to Do When Your Stovetop Cracks

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and a crucial part of any kitchen is the stovetop. Unfortunately, your stovetop isn’t invincible and can crack under certain circumstances, and it’s important to know what to do if that happens.

We’ll cover everything you need to know about cracked stovetops, including whether it’s safe to cook on them, why they crack, how to prevent it from happening, and how to resolve the issue.

Is it Safe to Cook on a Cracked Stovetop?

In short, no. A cracked stovetop is a serious safety hazard. Even the smallest crack can compromise the structural integrity of the stovetop, making it more likely to break or even shatter completely during use. If your cooktop’s glass cracked, it’s best to stop using it immediately and get it repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Why Do Stovetops Crack?

There are several reasons why stovetops may crack. One of the most common reasons is blunt impact. If a heavy object is dropped on the stovetop, it can cause cracks or even shatter it completely.

Overheating can also cause stovetops to crack. Glass cooktops are designed to withstand a lot of heat. Like all glass, however, your stovetop can crack under rapid temperature changes or extreme heat. Exposing your stovetop to high temperatures for an extended period of time can cause stress on the surface and lead to cracks.

How Can You Prevent Stovetops from Cracking?

You can do a few things to minimize the risk of your stovetop cracking. First, be careful when putting heavy objects on the stovetop. Always gently place weightier pots and pans on the cooktop, and avoid sliding them around on the surface.

Second, avoid using high heat settings for extended periods, as this can cause stress on the surface of the stovetop.

Finally, consider investing in a stovetop protector, which can help absorb shock and prevent scratches and cracks when the stove is not in use. Remember, never place anything besides cookware on a hot or even warm stovetop.

What Can You Do if Your Stovetop Cracks?

If your glass stovetop cracked from heat or a blunt impact, the best course of action is to get it repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

In many cases, there’s no safe way to fix a cracked glass stovetop, meaning it will need to be replaced entirely, as it’s not safe to use. Unfortunately, a cracked glass stovetop repair cost can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over $1,000, depending on your stovetop’s model.

Luckily, Rent-A-Center offers a wide selection of ranges, including coil-top and smooth-top options, at budget-friendly prices. Not only can you get a replacement stovetop quickly, but you can also spread out the cost with flexible payment options.

Buying a New Range: Coil-top vs. Smooth-top Ranges

When choosing a replacement stovetop, it’s important to consider the differences between coil-top and smooth-top ranges.

Coil-top ranges have exposed heating elements that sit beneath metal coils. These stovetops are durable and can handle heavy pots and pans, but they can be more difficult to clean. Coil-tops may heat your food more efficiently than smooth cooktops since the heat from the coils transfers directly into your cookware instead of through a glass surface. However, the coils can be slow to heat and cool down, potentially making them less safe than smooth cooktops.

Smooth-top ranges, on the other hand, have a flat glass surface with hidden heating elements. Cleaning a glass stovetop is typically easier than a coil-top, but they can be more delicate and prone to scratching. They may also have difficulty handling heavier pots and pans. Smooth-top ranges can cool down quicker than coil-top ranges, making them a potentially safer option in households with children.

Replace Your Cracked Stovetop With Help from Rent-A-Center

A cracked stovetop is a serious safety hazard and should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. But instead of spending hundreds to fix your old stove, purchase a new range from Rent-A-Center! You can get a new rent-to-own range as soon as today. And with our flexible payment options, free delivery, and curbside pickup, you can get back to cooking just in time for dinner! Shop online or visit your nearest Rent-A-Center today.

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