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10 Signs You Need Camo Furniture in Your Life

10 Signs You Need Camo Furniture in Your Life

Camo living room furniture setIt’s bold but cozy. It’s rustic, yet chic. It’s camo decor! You don’t need a log cabin to embrace this forest-friendly furniture trend. Think it could be time to add some camouflage furniture to your home sweet suburban home? Here are 10 signs you need to start shopping for camo furniture at Rent-A-Center ASAP!

1. You bring home the bacon.

You work hard to bring home the bacon—sometimes, literally! You deserve to have comfortable, rustic living room furniture that lets you kick up your feet at the end of a long day. What better place to relax than a camo recliner?

2. You’re subtle but stylish.

When it comes to home décor, you want to make a statement, but maybe you’re not a fan of bright colors or loud patterns. Fortunately, camo furniture will do the trick with a noticeable—but not over the top—dose of personal style. Don’t hide your outdoorsy eye for décor!

3. You want to bring the outdoors, indoors.

Okay, it might not be the best idea to plant a tree in the middle of your kitchen, but you can still bring the outdoors inside your home with camouflage furniture! Plus, relaxing on your new camo couch is far more comfortable than spending a hot summer night in a sleeping bag.

4. You’re all about camo.

Your car seats have camo covers. You always incorporate some kind of camo into your outfit, whether it’s a camo hat or boots. Maybe you’ve even considered buying camo-inspired wallpaper or tiger-stripe decals. You can’t hide your camo obsession, and you shouldn’t have to! Take your love to a new level. Find a reclining camo sofa for your living room at select Rent-A-Center locations, and let your army green color palette run free.

5. Sometimes you just want to blend in.

Need a break from housework or responsibilities? Camo isn’t just for hiding you from the critters in the woods. Put on some camo pajamas and snuggle up on your camo couch, and voila! You’re (mostly) invisible, so enjoy some peace and quiet. Pro-tip: tune into a nature documentary to really get yourself into character.

6. You worry about wear and tear.

Concerned about kid- and pet-induced wear and tear on your furniture? Not when you have a camo sofa and recliner! With durable camo fabric covering, a new camo couch from Rent-A-Center can stand up to spills, dogs, and other shenanigans better than most.

7. You want actual “cave” vibes in your man (or woman!) cave.

Whether you’re furnishing a man cave or outfitting a she-shed, camo furniture is for you if comfiness is what you crave. You can make any space cozier with a camo recliner! Are you working with a small room? No problem, our camo recliner has a zero wall design, meaning it can sit flush against the wall and won’t take up precious extra space in your at-home haven.

8. You miss the woods.

Does your happy place look like a tree stand or a campsite in the middle of the woods? Maybe you can’t get out to the forest every day, but you can bring the woods to you! Rustic living room furniture and camo accents can transport you to your favorite hiking and hunting destinations in the comfort of your home.

9. You want that rustic treehouse feel.

Remember when you were a kid, and treehouses felt magical? That feeling never has to end! With a few rustic decor ideas and some stylish camouflage furniture, your home can become your very own grown-up treehouse. Crank up the nostalgia by lighting a balsam-scented candle and daydreaming of your favorite childhood adventures.

10. You want to sneak personality into your home décor.

Just like camo lets you sneak around the woods, camo furniture lets you “sneak” your unique style into your home! Camo is a part of your personality and your life, so why not bring it into your home with camo furniture?

Where Can I Buy a Camo Recliner?

Camo furniture is only available in select stores, so call your nearest Rent-A-Center location to check availability in your area. You’ll find that we don’t camouflage high prices with flashy promises. We offer the best brands of sofas, sectionals, and recliners at up-front prices you can afford. Submit your no-credit application online or in-store and have your new camo furniture delivered to your home, for free!

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