How to Build the Ultimate Man Cave


The man cave is a dude-designated room. It’s the place where a guy goes to get away from the hustle and bustle. The secret to the perfect room? Equipping the space with his favorite things. We’ve got the top five must-haves for transforming a basement, garage, or spare room into a guys-only retreat.

  • Take a Seat: A recliner is the definitive sign of comfort and a requirement for any true man cave. A few minutes horizontal, and he’s on a trip to Snoozeville.
  • Sounds Awesome: No matter what kind of music he’s into, these sound systems project every note with perfection.
  • Child’s Play: If there’s one thing we know kids of all ages love, it’s video games. No man cave is complete without a gaming system.
  • TV Time: With a smart HDTV, he’s got his favorite programs at the ready. And with built-in WiFi, he doesn’t even have to get up to access some of his go-to websites.
  • Social Scene: He may want solitude, but he doesn’t want to be cut off from the world. A man caver needs a laptop or tablet to stay connected to e-mail and social media.

Not listed: a “do not disturb” sign. Because every man deserves a sanctuary where he can check out, chill out, and hang out in peace.