Rent to Own: A Better Way Than Layaway

There was once a time when layaway was popular. But today, rent to own is a much smarter way to shop. You can take your item home today and pay as you go with flexible payment options. And, with the ability to shop in-store or online, rent to own provides all of the purchasing power you need for every item you want.

No Wait
With layaway, you have to wait until the item is paid off before you can bring it home. With rent to own, you can take it home and enjoy it as soon as today and make small payments as you go. Oh, and by the way — delivery and setup are included.

How Would You Like to Pay?
At RAC, you decide how you want to pay. Choose the 90 Days Same As Cash Option and own the item at the cash price when you pay it off in three months. Or you can set up a flexible payment plan (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) that fits your budget and schedule.

To save you time, RAC also offers several ways to make payments: online, in-store, or over the phone.

Upgrade Anytime
When you rent to own at RAC, you’re never stuck with a product you no longer want or need. But with layaway, you’re locked in to the item until it’s paid off. RAC gives you the opportunity to upgrade at any time during your lease term. This means if you’d like a newer smartphone, larger HDTV, or different laptop, we make it happen.

Pause Your Payments
What if you need a payment break once you’ve started the layaway process? Most of the time, any money you’ve contributed will be lost. With rent to own at RAC, you can pause payments without penalty at any time during your lease agreement. Then, you can resume payments when the time is right without losing what you’ve already paid.

Layaway is so yesterday. Take advantage of the benefits of rent to own, and bring home the big brand furniture, appliances, computers, electronics, and smartphones you want today.