Upgrade at Any Time with Rent-A-Center

It’s a bummer to take home a washing machine and discover it doesn’t meet the needs of your growing family. Or maybe your style has evolved, and you wish you had an updated sofa. Or perhaps you just want a newer smartphone.

If you find you need a newer, larger, or more powerful item than the one you’ve got, you’re in luck: With Rent-A-Center’s upgrade benefit, you can trade in your existing item for a new one, at any time, as long as your lease agreement is in good standing.

Why Does RAC Offer Upgrades?
Technology changes rapidly. New computers, gaming consoles, and smartphones often deliver more power and features than previous models. At RAC, we make it possible to get the latest and greatest technology.

Life changes also occur. Many people find they need a new item, like a larger dining room table or updated refrigerator to accommodate more family members. There’s no charge or fees to upgrade; we’ll simply adjust your payment plan to reflect the price difference. You’ll also continue to receive product service and repairs, as well as loaners when needed, on your upgraded item at no additional cost.

What Items Can I Upgrade?
RAC makes it easy to upgrade any product. Here’s a full list:

Steps to Upgrade
If you’re interested in taking advantage of RAC’s upgrade-at-any-time benefit, just visit your nearest RAC location, and let one of our friendly customer service associates know. We’ll be happy to help with your new product selection and related paperwork. Stop by RAC today!